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Anybody's Guess Game Rules     
Anybody's Guess Board Game  

Anybody's Guess Game Rules

Anybody's Guess Board Game Instructions

Average Price: $20.00 Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30 - 60 min. Players: 2+
(51.72%) (261 Votes)
Object of Anybody's Guess:
In Anybody's Guess, the rule of the game is to reach the end of the board before the opponent team. This is done by guessing your words as soon as possible (the most points) and predicting how many clues it will take your opponent to guess the word.

Contents of Anybody's Guess:
In this board game, you should have a card viewer, 400 double sided clue cards, a label sheet, two playing pieces, five prediction cards for each team, a starter card, one-minute timer, game rules or instructions, and the game board.

Game Preparation:
Two groups are made and the five prediction cards are given to each team. Both teams start in the beginning space (START) on the board. Place a stack of cards into the card viewer with the starter card on top. Make sure all doors are closed. The rule for who starts first is decided by adding up the age of all the players on each team and the "eldest" team takes their turn first.

Game Play:
With the cards loaded into the card viewer, the opposing teams looks at the clues and answers silently and makes a prediction on how many guesses it will take the other team to discover the word. They place their prediction card face down and the guessing team has one minute to guess the word.

If you are playing by the official Anybody's Guess rules, only one guess per window is allowed. Players on the team can discuss their answers mutually. A correct answer on the first clue is worth 10 points. The second clue is worth 7 points; the third clue is worth 5 points. The last and fourth clue is worth 3 points. No points are awarded if time runs out before the correct answer is given. If the opposing team plays the "Bet You Can't" card as their prediction and they predict correctly, 6 points are awarded.

Rules for moving your token on the Anybody's Guess game board are one spot per point earned. If token lands of special instruction place, instructions must be followed for the next turn.

We are on the hunt for more information about Anybody's Guess but have not found anything yet. If you have any information regaring the Anybody's Guess game rules or instuctions let us know and we will add it to this page. We will post any updates to this page as soon as we find it.

Please check back soon for more details on the
Anybody's Guess Board Game rules and instructions.

Anybody's Guess Comments

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Kim says:
I have the older version of this game and didn't have my game rules with it (must have lost it at a friends house somewhere). Glad to know how to play Anybody's Guess again.
rob says:
what do you want to know. I think its a great game. I was wishing they had a new version
Traci Smith says:
I dont relley get this game i tried to read the driction to but still dont get it and i was hopeing u all would help me\!!!
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