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Hands Down  Game Rules     
Hands Down Game  

Hands Down

Hands Down Game

Average Price: $16.00 Ages: 6+
Playing Time: 15 min. Players: 3 - 4
(55.32%) (235 Votes)
Try not to be the last one to slap your hand in the game of Hands Down. Once any player sets a matching set down, everyone slaps their hand on the "Slam-O-Matic" unit. The player who reacts the slowest will lose a card from their hand.

Hands Down is a great, action-packed game that will have you and your opponents competing in an attempt to not be the last player to put their hand down. Hands Down is a good game to help kids use a lot of energy. Make sure you pay attention so that you can be the winner of the fun game of Hands Down.

Check out the Hands Down game rules and instructions.