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Pictionary Game Rules     
Pictionary Board Game  

Pictionary Game Rules

Pictionary Board Game Instructions

Average Price: $23.00 Ages: 12+
Playing Time: 45 min.+ Players: 3+
(60.49%) (453 Votes)
Object of Pictionary:
To beat your opponent(s) at Pictionary, your team will need to correctly identify the right word from clues drawn on a piece of paper. Each word correctly guessed advances your token closer to the Finish square. First one to reach this square wins.

Contents of Pictionary:
This game includes the Pictionary board, a one minute timer, 4 category cards, 496 keyword card (5 words per card), die, 4 pads of paper, 4 pencils and the official Pictionary board game rules.

Game Preparation:
Once the Pictionary board has been laid out, place the box of cards in the middle of the board. Hand out the category cards for reference and teams are created (preferably equally). All teams start on the "Start" square and will need to have a pencil and pad of paper. Determining who goes first is simply the team that rolls the highest after choosing who on each team will be drawing first. "All Play" is the first round so everyone on that team can guess.

Game Play:
The Pictionary rules for game play are as follows. Each team draws a card at the beginning of their turn which will tell you what you will be drawing based on the color space your team's token is currently resting on. The chosen person to draw then has only five seconds to look at the card and plan their drawing strategy. The one minute timer starts and the person drawing for the team begins drawing without using any verbal communication or gestures. Writing numbers or letters on your paper is against the rules.

The same team that is drawing is now trying to guess the drawn clue. If this is accomplished in less than one minute they advance themselves on the Pictionary board by rolling the die and a new card is drawn. Rotating drawing team members (the person drawing the clue) is part of the rules.

As part of the Pictionary objective, the first team to guess the correct clue on the Finish square is then named the winner of the game. It does not need to be your turn to win.

The following Pictionary rules are also to be followed during game play:
  • Allowing answers to be plural or singular are rules that teams need to decide upon before the game begins.
  • If you wish to locate something on the paper or cross something out, you may use an "X" as long as it is not used as a letter.
  • You are not limited to the number or amount of paper that is used per clue.
  • Having pre-arranged clues or secrets within the team is against Pictionary rules. Common mistakes include drawing lines for each word in the clue indicating how many words to guess or drawing an ear to indicate that is sounds like something else.
  • Spelling does not matter meaning that a player can draw clues for the word "chute" even though the card says "shoot."

Pictionary Comments

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the rules or anything you want about Pictionary. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours. Click here to add your Pictionary comments.

Gabrielle hughe says:
Hi all, please can you help me with this, when a team turns the timer over and guesses the picture let's say at 15secs, does the timer get reset to one minute or do they only have the original one minute to guess and draw as many times as they can? Thanks
Linda says:
Hello all :) If the word is simply "attack" and the guesser shouts out things like "dog attack" or "bear attack" or "animal attack", have they correctly guessed the word by having said "attack" several times, despite another word being placed in front of it (i.e. dog, bear, animal...) or does the drawer need to get the guesser to ixnay the words before it and only say "attack" by itself? Thank you in advance for any help on this.
kiran bende says:
Very nice explanation
Arun says:
Just want to know, If its something like Ball PEN. Lets say somebody guessed Ball, Can I write 'Ball' on the paper because they guessed it and start working on 'Pen'?
Ellie says:
My Question, does your team have to correctly say the word or if the clues is British islands, can they just say islands
Pica says:
You have 3 groups. It's team a, b and c. The rotation starts from team a, then b, then c. It's team a's turn and the card said it's an All Play. Team c guessed it write. So it's now their turn, right? Let's say it is. So the get a card but failed to guess the word. Who's turn is it next? Team a or team b?
Dmarie says:
We had an interesting dispute recently. The word was "erase" and the picturist drew a rectangle and began drawing sticks in the rectangle (to represent a chalk or white board, etc.). The picturist then erased the items he had drawn inside of the rectangle and began redrawing within the rectangle. At that point, a member of the opposing team yelled out, "you can't do that!" and immediately thereafter the word was guessed. Was this an infraction of an Pictionary rule?? I thought it was a very unusual circumstance. Thanks for your comments.
Shannon says:
A lot of these questions should come up when deciding the "house rules". The person who owns the game should decide on any questionable calls. That being said... Logan: Pen and pin are completely different sounds when coming out of the mouth and unfortuately due to the fact the drawing was obviously (I'm assuming) a PEN then no dice. However mail for male is completely acceptable for example. Jerry P: Jono provides a great answer for that. Jono: The symbol for pi should be illegal as it is just that, a symbol. Confusion in Oh: Drawing an arrow to another physical object in the room would be considered cheating because the rules clearly state that you have to "guess the clues drawn on a piece of paper". Brenda: Although I applaud the efficient time management this is definitely a rule that needs to be clarified before hand to use. I personally do not let pictures be used for different clues because it makes the came more fun when everyone has to start from scratch. I am not aware of a specific rule for or against it though.
Brenda says:
We just finished a game at our neighbour's house and were called for cheating because we already had a face on the paper from and earlier guess and the word was "ear" so she just added an ear to the was also an AllPlay this cheating??? I'd say it was efficient time management.
Confusion in Oh says:
We had a family game of pictionary going when my sister's turn was up to draw. Her word was "pinky" so when she drew the picture she drew an arrow pointing on the tablet to her pinky finger that she had lying on top of the paper. This caused a family meltdown? Was that legal?
Jono says:
Jerry P, we've played that you have to finish with an exact roll, but we've also played the other way, it's your choice. I have another question. for "cherry pie" a player drew a cherry and then the symbol for pi. would symbols like that be legal?
Jerry P says:
you're 3 squares away from the finish you have to roll a 3 to get there? or can you roll a 3 or higher??
Logan says:
There was a dispute during a recent round of pictionary regarding the pronunciation of the word 'pin'. Rather than bias the argument by exposing my position, I will simply ask, is the drawing of a 'pen' and the subsequent pronunciation (whatever it is) acceptable?
Colin Mumps says:
Hi fellow pictionary adorees, Colin here, nothing quite like a tv dinner followed by a few bouts of pictionary, thats what dad always used to say and by-gingos i agree. Just one point of contention, i often get pulled up when playing international pictionary, especially in Europe; I will frequently pick my nose to put off my opponent durigndrawing time (my favourite aspect of the sport) this, as you could imagine sends 'Colmumps' (excuse the pun) up his/her spine and often causes a error of judgment, but lately i have been pulled up on this as a matter of unruly behaviour. Obviously i am appalled by the latest development in the international sport and would like your thoughts on this topic of controversy. Keep Drawing :) (Pictionary) Master Collin Mumps
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