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Tetris Link Game Instructions

Average Price: $25.00
Playing Time: 10 min.
Ages: 6+
Players: 2 - 4

Do you love Tetris? Even if you don't, Tetris Link is a fun and challenging game for almost everyone. As young as six-year-olds can play. Players attempt to link the most amount of squares together all while trying to block their opponent. But be careful, you'll loose points when you leaven empty spaces below your move.

Tetris Link is a very colorful and fairly quick moving game. Stacking your blocks as tightly as possible is the key to this game but with others interfering in that plan it creates a fun and entertaining environment. Learning how to play is quick and easy with the below listed official rules. Join in the rest of the happy Tetris Link players and try this one out today!

You'll want to get the most points to win the game.

Inside the box you'll see a game tower, 2 detachable feet, 100 Tetriminos, a playing die and the official Tetris Link game rules and instructions.

Tetris Link Game Rules:
Please keep in mind that the official Tetris Link party rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions on how to play Tetris Link.

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Felita Holloman says:

Awesomeness. Missing instructions to Tetris Link. I found in Good Will. Everything was there except the instructions.
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