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20 Questions Game Rules     
20 Questions Board Game  

20 Questions Game Rules

20 Questions Board Game Instructions

Average Price: $25.00 Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 30 min. Players: 3-4
(55.49%) (235 Votes)
To correctly identify well-known people, places and things through a series of clues. The first player to reach finish wins the game.

The 20 Questions game comes with 378 game cards, 4 question mark playing pieces, 20 red 20 Questions chips, 5 blue "free guess" chips, the game board, and 20 Questions rules and instructions booklet.

20 Questions Board Game Rules:
Please keep in mind that the official 20 Questions board game rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions on how to play 20 Questions.

20 Questions Comments

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the rules or anything you want about 20 Questions. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours. Click here to add your 20 Questions comments.

Eric says:
I saw this at the store and wanted to know more about it. Looks like a fun twist on a trivia game and after glancing through the rules it seems easy enough to play in a party/group setting. I'll have to try this one out.
Shammy says:
Played this all the time as a kid and is still fun to play at parties. You can almost even create your own version of the game and make up your own words and alter the rules a bit.
zoe says:
i like this game
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