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We offer board game, tabletop, card and children's game giveaways! Entering is free and easy to do. Check to see if there is an active giveaway below. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @boardgamecapital or Facebook @boardgamecapital to get alerts when our next giveaway starts.

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If you'd like to sponsor a game giveaway please contact us. The only cost is you shipping the prize to the winner. You choose shipping location restrictions. Giveaways start on Monday and end on Sunday. We'll post about your game all week long on social media tagging you in all our posts. We also send out an email to giveaway subscribers and post it on our website. Great publicity that will give your game a lot of extra exposure!

Running a Kickstarter and don't know if you'll succeed at getting funded? No worries! We are still happy to run a giveaway letting people know that if they enter and win your giveaway, it is pending a successful campaign. That means, if your game gets funded, you'll ship a game out to the winner. If your campaign ends without being completely funded, then you're off the hook and no game needs to be sent. This is a great way to spread the word about your game and help promote it to others. We are happy to give you a whole week of free publicity just for offering a free game to someone. For Kickstarters, giveaways with us is a no brainer. Please contact us to quickly get your giveaway set up.

Other Game Giveaways & Free Contests

Check out and enter these awesome free game giveaways that were submitted by visitors like you. If you know of a giveaway not listed below, submit it. We'll quickly add it to our list. We love having a huge list of free board game giveaways!

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Tell us about your active board game giveaway or one you've found. We'll list in on our site for free. Giveaways need to be active and running to be submitted. Listings are usually approved in 24 hours. Boost the number of how many people enter your giveaway and make it more successful! It only takes a few seconds to let us know by filling out the simple form below.
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