Advertise Your Tabletop Board/Card Game

Board Game Capital is proud to be able to offer advertisers from the tabletop gaming industry the chance to advertise on our website. This includes board games, party games, card games, dice games, children's games, etc. Please note that we do not take ads from companies, or for products, not associated with tabletop gaming. All ads must be preapproved and must cater to a our family friendly atmosphere. We hope to provide focused ads that our visitors will be interested in exploring.

We currently bring in over 200,000 page views a month with that more than doubling during key holiday weeks!

Here are the ad locations that are available. EDIT: Our website is being converted to a mobile friendly version so we'll update ad locations when this process is done.

Horizontal header ad (728x90/310x90) and square box ads (300x250 quantity 2) run $5 per week. Prices will double during the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years due to site traffic more than doubling during those weeks.

Ads are displayed from 12:00am Monday until 11:59pm Sunday (MST). Due to how the site is set up, all three ad placement locations get about the same visibility. Ads are sold as first paid first get. Prepaying to reserve a specific week is allowed.

We allow up to three ads per location and they will rotate randomly effectively giving you ~15,000 views a week (1/3 the site's weekly page views). We will display our own ads for any unpurchased ad spots. You can purchase as many ad spot as you wish (in the same or differnt location).

You can change your ad at any time during your purchased time frame for the same location. Just send us an email with the new image and we'll change it out within 12 hours (pending approval). Once approved, you can toggle between your ads at any time through your control panel. All ads must be in .jpg format and less than 100k.

Advertisers can see real time ad impressions and clicks by visiting their control panel with their ads broken up by week. You can also see future or past ads and their statistics. You'll have access to this page when your payment is complete. Click through rates vary drastically based on the design of the ad image you use (clean, clear, descriptive, intriguing, simple yet informative, color usage, etc.) and frankly the interest people have in your game. We've seen amazing ads with low clicks and very crudely done ads with high click through rates.

WAIT, there's more: We'll also post a shout out to your game on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our followers are constantly growing. We'll post something about your ad during your advertising campaign. One social media post per game or item advertised (multiple weeks of advertising only get one post).

We use Square, Inc. for all our payments. Advertisers can pay using any major form of payment. You will receive an email invoice through which you can pay online only (no checks). For ads purchased more than one week at a time, refunds are available for full weeks that remain. Payment, links and ad images must be received at least 24 hours before your allotted week(s) begins.

All pricing and terms are subject to change. Page views can fluctuate and we do not guarantee any specific number of impressions per ad. Please contact us for any other questions.

If you'd like to advertise your tabletop game, you'll need to send us the following:
-your ad image(s)
-your link(s)
-the desired location for your ads (mostly applies to sidebar ads - top or bottom)
-the dates you want your ads to run
-the email address you want the invoice to be sent to
-the main contact person's name and email address (if different than the invoice).

Contact us to let us know you're interested in advertising with us and to get the ball rolling.

We appreciate your interest in advertising on Board Game Capital and hope your ad (and game) is a success!

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