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Bonkers  Game Rules     
Bonkers Game  


Bonkers Game

Average Price: $30.00 Ages: 13+
Playing Time: 30 - 45 min Players: 2 - 10
(55.88%) (199 Votes)
Do you think you're going to go Bonkers while playing this exciting party game? Find out while testing your luck and memory to see how good you do in a pinch. In the game of Bonkers you'll get a question and you have until the timer runs out to come up with some answers. You get closer to the Bulls eye by figuring out the answers that are on the game card.

The only problem with these questions is that there is more than one right answer, so you have to be right on target to score chips. The more Bulls eyes you can get, the more chips you'll earn. Why are chips important? Because, you'll be stopping other players from earning those chips. There are four different types of cards that will have a variety of challenges. These challenges will have you going Bonkers to try to win this exciting party game.

Check out the Bonkers game rules and instructions.