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Cinq-O  Game Rules     
Cinq-O Children's Game  


Cinq-O Children's Game

Average Price: $10.00 Ages: 7+
Playing Time: 15 - 30 min. Players: 1 - 6
(55.24%) (248 Votes)
Cinq-O is a fun and portable dice game based mostly on chance but includes some strategy. Players of Cinq-O try to build up to 100 points by rolling the perfect high or low score. Six dice are included with your Cinq-O game so that each player has the chance to roll up to five times on their turn. After each roll, at least one die must be placed in the scoring rack.

Cinq-O is a game where you are constantly asking yourself, "should I roll just one more time?" Are you going to push your luck or get the perfect score? Cinq-O is a great game for vacations or where little space is required. Try playing Cinq-O today!

Check out the Cinq-O game rules and instructions.