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Blank Slate Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

3 - 8
Play Time
30 MIN
Play Time
Blank Slate is a fun and stimulating game from The Op Games that tests your ability to read the minds of others. You have to think carefully and choose the perfect word for a given phrase on cue cards. Scoring high depends on how well you can guess what others have written, as points are awarded for matching words with only one other person.

With this enjoyable and simple game, you get to be creative while still ensuring that your words match up with other players. Whoever accumulates the most points will be the winner of Blank Slate! It's possible that if you keep practicing, you could even start predicting what others are about to say. Buy Blank Slate and take it to your next party today.
  • Card Box
  • 250 Cards
  • Score Board
  • 8 Dry-Erase Slates
  • 8 Dry-Erase Markers With Erasers
  • Official Blank Slate Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
Strive to align your answer with precisely one other player to complete the Word Cues and earn points. If exactly two players provide the same word, each earns 3 points. If more than two players offer the same word, each earns 1 point. All other participants receive 0 points. Achieve 25 points to emerge victorious!
How to Win
Perparation: Begin the game by positioning the Score Board and have each participant pick a Slate. Subsequently, they should inscribe their name on the scoreboard with the same shade as their slate color. Afterwards, decide who will go first as Selector. The Selector will take a Word Cue card from the draw side of the box, reads it out, and puts it face-up on the table.

Game Play: During the Answer phase, each player must try to envision what the other person will choose; then they must jot down that word. One guess per person, and that's all! The Selector will begin by revealing their word, followed by the person to their left, and so on. Everyone should wait until it is their turn to reveal their answer. After everyone has revealed their answer, the game can continue.

Count the points carefully - 3 points for words that match between two players, 1 point for words shared by more than two players, and 0 points for those that no one was able to guess. Afterwards, mark the score on the board to keep track of each player's progress. Place the Word Cue card at the back of the card box and then pass it to the person to your left. This individual will become the new Selector and choose the following card. Subsequently, keep selecting Word Cue cards while alternating Selectors until someone earns 25 points.

Here are some simple rules to follow when providing answers for Word Cues. Avoid single-letter additions. Compound words and two-word phrases are both acceptable. Proper nouns are allowed, but stick to a single word. Adding a syllable is permissible as long as the root word remains audible.

Tips and Tricks
Here are some tips to enhance your Word Cues experience:
  • Ensure you clean the Dry-Erase Slates properly before storing them to avoid stains or smudges.
  • Feel free to choose answers that are quirky or amusing - you never know who might share the same thought!
  • If you run out of Word Cue cards during a long game session, simply flip the box over and use the discard side.
  • Experiment with different "House Rules" variations to add excitement to the game. This could involve selecting the first Selector based on age or position at the table, altering word size limits, adjusting talking time during the Answer phase, or even introducing a tagging system for bonus points. Explore these variations to add a new dimension to your gameplay.
  • Don't stress if you struggle to match another player's choices. Just relax, enjoy the Word Cues, and let your creativity flow!

Please keep in mind that the official Blank Slate PDF rules listed below could be different depending on the version you have. They should be an exact copy of what came in your original packaging. Download them to view now or print them for later use.

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about playing, problems with the directions, etc. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.



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What if adding a single letter makes the sound of a second syllable. For example, "bell ___" might be answered with "y" to make "belly".
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