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Doom On You Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

3 - 6
Play Time
45 MIN
Play Time
It's a fight to keep all your food in this all out animal fighting and natural disaster card game. Should you use your Camo, your Flame-ingo or maybe your Hand-a? Look out for sneak attacks, captures or even deflects as they will get in the way of your perfect strategy. Not to mention the even menacing Doom On You cards.

Doom On You is a great family friendly card game that is fun for all ages. This game has endless possibilities and even has two expansion packs to make things a little more interesting. Learning how to play Doom On You doesn't take too long and if you can watch one round, you'll catch on very easily. What an addictive card game to play at your next game night with friends or family. Be sure to purchase your own copy of Doom On You today!

Board Game Capital's Review:
Doom On YouNow this is a cool game! We could end the review right now and just say "It's awesome, you'll love it, go buy it!" But...we should probably elaborate a little more. This is a card game with small tokens that fits inside a nice game box. It has a fair amount of strategy that you must use with the ever changing luck of the draw and crazy attacks that you'll get from your opponents. Do you attack others with your animals or use them as defense against attacks on you?

Doom On You is a high quality game both in physical materials and in gaming mechanics. The tokens are nicely die-cut, cards are textured, rule book is a touch wordy but does a very good job explaining the game and game play is epic! Everything fits nicely in a small sturdy square box and they even give you a little baggie to put the food tokens in (we love the little things).

After reading through the rules we were so confused as to how you might use strategy in this game since it seemed like an all out brawl. We just started throwing our cards down in front of us to see what happened. After one game, we understood much more though still can't claim we fully understand the best way to beat this game. That's a good thing! There are so many things happening and ways you might attempt to win that the choices seem endless making this game really fun. It also levels the playing field a little because a seemingly dumb move could turn out to be a great one!

Doom On YouDoom On You cards always throw a wrench in things and we loved how you had the option to draw from the middle pile or not. We always did since we felt like we needed more ammo! When multiple Doom On You cards were pulled it got a little hectic dealing with them all but in a fun way. We also love the deflect and capture cards. They always caught us off guard. We felt like it would have been fun to let everyone get one more food token after each round but that might have lengthened the game too long. Our games were actually rather short (maybe because we unloaded on each other) so we could play multiple games.

Did we mention how nice the illustrations are and how fun the theme is in this game? Hats off to the designer for sure! Card designs are simple, colorful and very informative. Oh, and they even have expansion packs (rainforest and safari)! We warned you at the top of the review - we loved this game and really think you will too if you're looking for a fun, unique, simple yet challenging "fighting" style card game. We played with a few kids and it was a hit. Great family game and we're so glad Doom On You is in our gaming collection!
  • 110 Cards
  • 60 Tokens
  • Official Doom On You Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
If you can successfully be the last player to still have food tokens left, you'll win the game.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Doom On You PDF rules listed below could be different depending on the version you have. They should be an exact copy of what came in your original packaging. Download them to view now or print them for later use.

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QQ says:

Amazing illustrations
Debra Branigan says:

This sounds like a very interesting game for family play. I am thinking kids will enjoy because they will be trying to learn what strategies work best. I like the art.
Eric Shearer says:

Great theme!
Pete Donegan says:

I love that this is a game that holds new things to do on replays. I hate when I play a game and get the sense that I've done all there is to do
LivLaughLucifer says:

I love that this game has so many choices and possibilities to explore! The art is also super cute!
Dan Shank says:

Love the theme
Josh Christian says:

This looks fun.
Rita Maxwell says:

I would love to play this game with my grandson. He is all about the strategy.
Lauren B says:

I love the name of this game!
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