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Fetus Feud Game

Fetus Feud Game Rules

How To Play Fetus Feud (Instructions)

2 - 5
Play Time
15 MIN


Anyone who has gone through a pregnancy as a witness, or as the baby carrier, knows it is quite the battle. Now you can enjoy the funny humor of the game Fetus Feud as it relates directly with babies during pregnancy. This laid back card game battle pits players against each other as they attempt to collect the most contraction cards before labor starts.

Fetus Feud will surely make you crack a smile with the quirky art work and funny puns in the game. It's easy to play and doesn't take a lot of time to learn. Game play isn't deeply rooted with strategy and doesn't take all afternoon. Give Fetus Feud a try and you'll be happy you got to play.

Board Game Capital's Review (2018-10-18):
Fetus Feud CardsFor a card game that claims it is the "funniest game ever made about pregnancy. Ever." since we can't think of any other pregnancy game, and the game is pretty funny, we'll have to agree! One caveat to the funniness is you'll understand all the puns and enjoy the silly humor more having gone through a pregnancy (as a man witnessing it or as a woman experiencing it). Fetus Feud has some funny art work that follows the quirky baby themed cards. Fetuses punching stomachs (morning sickness) and a fetus relaxing in an ice-cream bucket (pregnancy cravings) are just a few.

Game play is quick to understand and great for a large audience of players. There are some simple attack, defense and special cards that make up the majority of the game. The fact that the game ends when a "labor" card is played is ingenious! What's fun about that is anyone can end the game whenever they think they have won which brings a little gamble with the game. Contraction cards are the hot item that everyone wants to win. We really liked how everything just works with the theme.

Fetus Feud DeckThere are a few changes in the final game that we didn't receive in our sample game. As is, the cards are great quality and are even slightly textured. Some quick help cards are included in the deck which we always like to see. The tuck box we got is good enough but the plans are to have a nicer two part box that fits the rule book. This will be a very nice game with these additions. Rules were easy to understand and include some nice images. This is a very well thought out and produced game.

Baby showers or female get-togethers are a great occasion for this game. Sadly, we don't quite envision a group of guys breaking out Fetus Feud for a fun, light-hearted baby battle. Kids would probably get a kick out of it which makes it a possible family game. Just watch out for the question they might ask - "where do babies come from..."


  • You Get 60 Cards
  • Official Fetus Feud Game Rules And Instructions


How to Win
You're trying to be the player with the most contraction cards at the end of the game.
How to Win


Please keep in mind that the official Fetus Feud rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


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