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2 - 5
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30 MIN
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Fixing Foolish is a unique and interactive educational game that teaches basic human anatomy, explores how body systems collaborate, and facilitates discussions about the impact of mindless actions. With two different ways to play (rookie and pro) you can tailor your gaming/learning experience to whomever might be playing with you. Story cards take on common life scenarios, dares/pranks and bad habits and explains what effects they have on your body.

Fixing Foolish comes with a handful of cards that is great at teaching younger and older audiences the health effects of some common actions. Great for educational settings and probably not for your typical party or strategic game night. Learning how to play is very simple with very little strategy although there is plenty to learn while playing. Purchase your copy of this fun little health educational card game today.

Board Game Capital's Review:
Fixing Foolish CardsNow this is an impressive educational game! With a clever name like Fixing Foolish, this health/safety centered card game teaches just as much as it allows players to have fun. It sets up scenarios of not-so-smart situations that youth, and even adults, might encounter. Matching the icons on the cards while thinking through the given situation is a great way to get players thinking about what's really going on and the effects it might have on your body. We learned quite a bit playing this game.

Fixing Foolish packs quite the educational punch both in its text and the images. We thought the graphics were done quite well and fit the health science theme of the game very nicely. Some situations are unfortunately very common and help players realize they are not smart actions to take (like pranks, dares, smoking, etc.). When we played, we tried both versions of the game (for rookies and for pros). Both were equally entertaining. The Rookies version is much more straight forward with only the matching of icons on the story card. The Pros version brought in a lot more thinking and a little more of a challenge to the game. However, the line in the rules that states you can justify your answers lead to some interesting answers that at times got a little carried away. Still a fun idea.

The game rules are about the only thing we have to say need a little work. For a game that has rules as simple as these they worked great and were very clear on how to play. It did feel like we were reading a school worksheet (on standard size paper). Perhaps a more fun approach with more graphics in a little book might help the rules a bit. They did include a quick reference rules card as part of the deck so that was a nice addition. Cards are made from standard quality materials with a nice little cardstock tuck box.

Fixing Foolish CardsThis is not a typical card game. It is an educational card game so with that we felt like we had to adjust our expectations. Given what it is, we thought the game was very well done. There are a few religious cards in there that we felt were kind of odd and a little out of place. If you want a game that helps you think through different scenarios in life and what their adverse consequences are to your body, then this is a fun little game. There are even some additional educational resources that you can download and print out that seemed very thorough in explaining different functions of your body. Fixing Foolish is a great card game for younger audiences and a good reminder for adults.
  • 90 Cards
  • Official Fixing Foolish Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
After adding up your points, whomever has the most points will win.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Fixing Foolish PDF rules listed below could be different depending on the version you have. They should be an exact copy of what came in your original packaging. Download them to view now or print them for later use.

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