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Average Price: $32.00
Playing Time: 60 - 90 min.
Ages: 17+
Players: 3 - 6

In the game of Funny Friends you'll be examining your life goals and trying to decide just what exactly you would do to achieve them. In the game of Funny Friends you might not always have a say in what happens to you. Fate decides just what you'll do in this hilarious game. You could go from being a construction worker to a priest, to a rock star.

Funny Friends will have you and your friends laughing as you attempt to make huge life changes in order to meet your life goals. Funny Friends is a great game for parties. Play Funny Friends with your adult friends at your next party!

The first player in the game of Funny Friends to achieve 5 of their life goals wins the game, so it's important to always keep your life goals and mega goals in mind.

The game of Funny Friends should come with 6 player tableaus (in 6 player colors), 54 wooden discs (9 each in 6 player colors), 30 player markers(5 each in 6 player colors), 40 person markers, 48 time markers, 30 sex/child marker, 30 offer markers (5 each in 6 player colors), 140 cards: (20 puberty cards (red), 81 life cards (blue) in 2 categories (40x category A, 40 x category B, 1x blank category B for ideas), 35 life goals (green) in 5 categories (7 each of lifestyle, job, relationship, friends, spirit), 4 mega goals, and the official Funny Friends rules and instructions.

Game Rules:
Please keep in mind that the official Funny Friends rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the origianl packaging on how to play Funny Friends.

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Maya says:

I dont know how to play this game. Explanation is very complicated and there is no video tutorial on internet how to play :(
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