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2 - 6
Play Time
15 MIN
Who cares about winning? In this game, you try not to be the loser! Game Of Kingdoms is a fast paced card game that everyone can join in on playing. Games don't take long and learning how to play is a breeze. Simply match card colors and make sure you play a card that is higher than your opponent. See the complete game rules for more details.

Game Of Kingdoms is a portable game that you can take just about anywhere and quick enough that you can slip in a game almost anytime. Great for two to six players. You'll have a good time playing this card game. Give Game Of Kingdoms a try today.

Board Game Capital's Review:
Game Of KingdomsRight on the front of the game box we received was the printed phrase "Do not lose." We thought that was a little strange to instruct people to not lose your game. Then we realized that was the object of the game - to not lose. Now we get it. Game Of Kingdoms plays like other face card games where you'll need to put down a higher card to win. The game rules are similar but have a few twists and turns in it including the fact that you'll get all the cards if the Defender does not successfully beat all of the Attackers cards.

While the game was fun, we wouldn't say it's the most fun card game we've ever played. It's a good past time to play if you want something different and quick. There is a bit of strategy although sometimes the person that looks like they will lose ends up not losing in the end. Sometimes what you had in the earlier part of the game didn't really matter and all came down to your last hand.

Game Of Kingdoms CardsThe graphics on the cards were OK but very plain. Perhaps this is by design but we found them a bit boring. They served their purpose, but they wouldn't win any awards in the graphic design department. The cards are also not symmetric so you're constantly turning the cards around in your hand.

Built from decent quality cards, a nice tuck box and a fairly entertaining gaming experience, we'd recommend this game if you were looking for something new and simple to play. The price point seems about right, although you can get the main stream card games from your big box stores for much less. Honestly, you could play this game with regular face cards. The knight theme makes the gaming experience a little more dramatic and makes it feel not like just another face card game. Maybe enhanced graphics and a few more unique aspects to the game play would help boost the game up. Regardless of a few nit-picky things which are solely our opinion, it's a fun game.
The game Game Of Kingdoms should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

  • This Game Comes With 40 Cards
  • Official Game Of Kingdoms Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
You're trying to not be left with cards when everyone else is out.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Game Of Kingdoms rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Game Of Kingdoms. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

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Debra Branigan says:

I like the fact it seems a twist on the idea of winning instead of just avoiding losing. Also,the fact it is a quick game is good for family play. Thanks for sharing.
Dan Shank says:

I like trying not to be last
Josh Christian says:

Looks fun!
Paul Kay says:

The great part about this game is that it's quick and portable. You don't feel like you're stuck playing forever and we can take this with us anywhere and not even know it's there.
Lily Kwan says:

I like that this game is easy to learn how to play.
Gun Coaty says:

These little tuck box games are nice to crack out on a camping trip or something. teach something new to mingle with the familiar.
Tracy U says:

I am excited to play this!
Lauren B says:

I love all card games! That's what I like best about this game.
Debra Branigan says:

This sounds fun and easy to learn. I think my family would enjoy this game.
Opergamer says:

This seems like the perfect game to play between your more complex games. It's nice to have something to clear your palate
Kelly VanAuken says:

Seems like a simple, fun and easy to learn game. Great for my family. We love card games.
Paige says:

Nice review - I love this game - my friend had it and I had to get it. I had the exact same reaction to DO NOT LOSE on the front of the box lol
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