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Hungry Dragons Game

Hungry Dragons Game Rules

How To Play Hungry Dragons (Instructions)

2 - 4
Play Time
30 MIN


Hungry Dragons is a cute little card game where players try to collect cards to feed hungry dragons in hopes for a big reward. It is set up resembling a board game but by using the cards. Players will need to match up what each hungry dragon needs in order to claim the prize that sits beneath it. Will you take a gamble and use the mining cards? They can either really help you or drastically set you back.

Hungry Dragons is a fun card game that can be easily played by just about anyone. Great for up to four people and it doesn't take that long to play. Learning how to play is simple with the straight forward game rules. Give Hungry Dragons a try today.

Board Game Capital's Review (2018-08-16):
Hungry Dragons SetupAs much as we love all kinds of games, simple and easy to learn games that are exciting and engaging for all types and ages of people have a special spot for us. Hungry Dragons is that game. One read through the game rules and you're set to play with minimal questions. The rules are very intuitive and easy to read/understand. Let's not forget that playing is a lot of fun.

We were impressed by the use of the cards that are laid down to form a sort of game board that players will then play around. The hidden cards under the little dragons were a fun surprise and the mining cards around the edge are an exciting and risky bonus. Set up takes a few minutes sorting out the cards but we didn't see this as a drawback. The only thing that we noticed when playing was only one player was head on to the orientation of the cards. Everyone else was on the side or even upside down (like you would with any other game board). Not a huge deal but it would be nice if the cards were made such as there was less of a definite top or bottom.

Hungry Dragons CardsThe theme and artwork are fun and well done. Once you realize that some of the text at the bottom of the cards are there just as fillers and tid-bits of info, you won't feel so intimidated by the cards. This did however, get in the way with what you should be reading on the cards vs. what you don't have to. Although interesting, we felt like the little Wikipedia explanations were not needed. Having the small rock on opposing corners of the card would also have helped so you didn't have to keep all cards upright in your hand. One more slight complaint, the black and dark grey cards are really close together in color and are sometimes hard to find in the deck. A greater contrast between the two colors would have been nice. This also applies to some of the rocks: dark grey vs black vs dark grey with small dots. Oh, and we loved the little extra detail of the happy, full and sleeping dragons on the back of the cards. Great idea!

All the little nit-picky things aside, we had a blast playing this laid back card game. In fact, we played it a couple times. There is some strategy but mostly luck. And the luck is fun. You even get to take a gamble with the mining cards which we really thought added to the game. This is a game that would be fun to pull out with your friends or family and introduce them to a new game. Hungry Dragons is different enough but uses very simple gaming mechanics that people catch on quick and will really enjoy it. We sure did.


  • You Get 108 Cards And A Scan-able Link To The Official Hungry Dragons Game Rules And Instructions


How to Win
The player with the most treasure points will become the winner.
How to Win


Please keep in mind that the official Hungry Dragons rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


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