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Average Price: $20.00
Playing Time: 30 min.
Ages: 5+
Players: 2 - 6

Link-O the board game is a challenging numbers game that may have you turning in circles. Tiles are placed on the game board by matching numbers and colors. Your goal in Link-O is to get rid of all your tiles before your opponents do. The first person to go out receives all the points from the tiles in their opponents possession.

The first player to reach 64 points is the winner. Link-O is a game for all ages because it is based on number recognition and color. Check out this board game and have fun playing Link-O with friends and family.

Place all of your tiles in connecting order within their matching colored circles. The first player to play all his/her tiles on the game board wins the round. Point totals from tiles left over in opponent’s possession are counted as points for the player who wins the round. The first player to score 64 points from cumulative rounds wins the game.

The Link-O game includes the game board, Link-O tiles, draw bag, and Link-O board game rules and instructions.

Game Rules:
Please keep in mind that the official Link-O rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the origianl packaging on how to play Link-O.

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Margaret says:

When a Link-O tile is placed in a in a space other then a connector space does the value of the title have to be the same for both side of the time or does it take on the value of the tiles on either side?
Lori says:

Can you play a link tile anywhere on the board? And can you place a link tile in a link spot if it is not connected to another tile
Cindy says:

My husband and I disagree as to whether you count your tiles and add the opponents (if you win the round) to your tiles score left in your hand. OR are the numbers in each person's hand just to judge who won and only the opponents number is what the winner scores.
Carol says:

What number value is a Link-o tile when you first play it as your starter tile? It does not let you know in the instructions.
Lyn says:

I you put down a linko tile on say red then your partner has a turn can he or she put a linko tile or double on the other side without linking?
Frank Mazzola says:

The blocking is very confusing. Rule is not clear
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