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Never Have I Ever Game

Never Have I Ever Game Rules

How To Play Never Have I Ever (Instructions)

4 - 12
Play Time
30 MIN


Sometimes we brag about our mistakes in life - other times we hide them. Never Have I Ever is a game where you let all your dumb mistakes out and try to be the first person with 10 cards on you wall of shame. You'll have to admit to each offense and display it for everyone to see. Never Have I Ever is a definite conversation started as you learn things you never knew about each other.

Easy to play with very little rules. In fact, the only real rude is not to judge. We're all guilty of mistakes in our life. Never Have I Ever is fun to play with different people. With over 500 cards, there is plenty of cards to go around. Give Never Have I Ever a try today.


  • 550 Cards
  • Official Never Have I Ever Game Rules And Instructions


How to Win
First person to get 10 cards on your wall of shame wins the game - not sure if you should be proud of this thought...
How to Win


Perparation: Shuffle the cards after removing all the rule cards. Place rules cards in the center of the table. Deal ten play cards to each player and place the rest back in the box.

Who goes first. Well, that's easy - whomever has the coolest shoes lets the person on their right start. Because after all, no one likes a show off.

Game Play: The first person starting the game will pick up a rule card from the center pile. Place it face up in the center of the table and read it out loud. Be sure to listen to each rule card since this dictates what everyone is doing that round. If a rule card can't be played keep taking new ones until it can.

To score cards you need to be found guilty of a play card. You'll get to keep it face up in front of you so you can bask in your shame. If you are found free from guilt of a play card then you can get rid of it by placing it in the discard pile.

If you can collect 10 play cards by having made horrible life decisions then you'll win the game. Remember, this is a fun, light-hearted game where no judgement is allowed. We all make mistakes, now we just get to make fun of each other for doing so. Enjoy!

Please keep in mind that the official Never Have I Ever rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


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Becky says:

I saw this being played on a talk show so I thought I'd get it for a friend's party. IT WAS HILARIOUS! We really liked this game and learned way too much about each other. Lots of fun with no complicated rules.
Hal says:

Interesting game. I bet you learn way more about people than you probably wanted to know. Not sure I would want to play this kind of game but probably entertaining to watch.
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