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3 - 10
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30 MIN
Play Time
Pick Your Poison is a card game that presents you with absurd "what would you rather do" situations. The game is played with three or more players who strive to concoct the most challenging scenario imaginable by combining two Poison Cards from a collection of over 300 cards. After the players have made their choices anonymously, the answers are revealed, and it's time to discover who was spot on and who's as peculiar as you suspected. Get ready for a game that will have you in stitches and perhaps questioning your friends' sanity!

Get ready to ignite amusing discussions with this entertaining game. You'll be astonished by how peculiar some of your friends' choices can be. With over 300 Poison Cards, there are infinite combinations to explore. You can create millions of card combinations, making every game unique. It's the ideal game to play at Halloween parties or whenever your group comes together for a game night filled with laughter and fun. Grab your own copy of Pick Your Poison and give this a try today. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • 300+ Cards
  • Pick Your Poison Choice Card
  • Official Pick Your Poison Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
In each round of the game, you must merge two poison cards to create a challenging dilemma. You must select the same poison card as the majority of the other players to gain points. The game continues until one player reaches 15 points, and that player is declared the winner.
How to Win
Perparation: Each player begins with a set of nine cards: six Poison cards, two Pick cards (one A card and one 18 card), and one Double Down card. The player who has celebrated their birthday most recently assumes the role of the first Judge, while the remaining players become the Picking players.

Game Play: The Judge selects a Poison card from their hand and positions it face up on the A spot of the game mat, marking it as card A for the duration of the round.

Meanwhile, the Picking players each pick a Poison card from their hand and present it face down to the Judge. It's advisable for players to select a Poison card that will pose the toughest decision when compared to card A.

The Judge gathers the Poison cards submitted by the Picking players and announces them to the group. From these, the Judge picks one card and displays it face up on the game mat at the B spot, designating it as card B for the round. The player who submitted card B earns one point, while the other submitted cards are discarded.

Next, the Picking players are allowed to ask the Judge questions to clarify the implications of the two Poison cards (card A and card B). The Judge has the freedom to elaborate on each scenario as they see fit, aiming to balance the unpleasantness of both poisons to heighten the difficulty of the choice for the Picking players.

Then, the Picking players must "pick their poison" by choosing either card A or card B and placing their corresponding Pick card face down. Additionally, players can opt to play their Double Down card alongside their Pick card to earn double points. However, if a player plays the Double Down card and ends up scoring zero points in the round, they forfeit their Double Down card for the remainder of the game.

Players unveil their chosen Poison card by flipping their Pick card. The Judge then tallies the points on the score sheet according to the scoring rules (refer to SCORING). Subsequently, card A and card B are discarded, and the Picking players reclaim their Pick card (and Double Down card, if applicable and not forfeited).

Following this, all players draw Poison cards from the deck until they hold six cards in their hand. Finally, the player to the left of the current Judge assumes the role of the Judge for the next round.

Scoring: Each round is scored based on the distribution of picks for each Poison card.

In the event of a unanimous decision, where all Picking players select the same Poison card, each player receives one point, while the Judge incurs a loss of two points. Judges are encouraged to craft scenarios that present more challenging decisions.

In a split scenario, where some players choose Card A and others choose Card B, those aligned with the majority receive one point each, while the remaining players receive no points.

In case of a tie, where an equal number of players select Card A and Card B, the Judge earns three points, and the Picking players receive no points. House rules may apply when playing with an odd number of Picking players. The first player to reach 15 points wins the game.

Optional Rules:
ODDS TO EVEN: When playing with an odd number of Picking players, the Judge also selects a Poison card. The Judge only earns points if the round ends in a tie.

SUPER JUDGE: In a split decision, the Judge earns one point for each player who did not vote with the majority.

TWO-FOR-ONE: The Judge selects two Poison cards for Card A, and each player submits two Poison cards. From these submissions, the Judge chooses a double Card B.

LUCKY DRAW: Instead of choosing a Poison card from their hand, the Judge draws the top card from the deck.

FRESHEN UP: Before any round, players can return their hand to the bottom of the deck and draw new Poison cards. However, players incur a one-point penalty for doing so.

Please keep in mind that the official Pick Your Poison PDF rules listed below could be different depending on the version you have. They should be an exact copy of what came in your original packaging. Download them to view now or print them for later use.

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