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Average Price: $35.00
Playing Time: 30 min.
Ages: 8+
Players: 2

What to play a challenging game that also throws in a little gravity and physics? Rock Me Archimedes is a brain twisting game where your goal is to get four of your marbles to the end of the board but look out for the tipping point. You'll have to plan each move with the thought in mind "will this throw the board off balance?"

Rock Me Archimedes is a great looking game that will get conversations started when seen and can even be a stylish modern decoration to a room. Learn how to play Rock Me Archimedes below and feel free to let us know what you think. Give your brain something to crunch on and give Rock Me Archimedes a try today.

Object of Rock Me Archimedes:
In Rock Me Archimedes, you are trying to get four marbles to the end of the board without reading the tipping point.

Contents of Rock Me Archimedes:
Inside the box you'll see a wooden rocker board, a wooden platform, a marble tray, one die, 12 black marbles, 12 white marbles and the official Rock Me Archimedes game rules and instructions.

Game Preparation:
Set up board.

Game Play:
1. On your turn, either add one of your marbles to any space in the mid zone, or roll the die and move one or more of your marbles the number of spaces indicated.

2. If either end of the rocker board touches the table, the player who caused it to happen forfeits the game and his or her opponent wins.

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NaNa says:

Can you move your marble backwards
Maudie says:

What happens if your opponent has their marbles in your inzone and there is not room for you to put your foyr marbles there?
Sydney says:

We would like clarification of the meaning of “move”, is jumping the opponents marble one move or two? For now we decided to use a house rule, until we have clarification otherwise. So, our house rule is: you can only jump an opponent if you roll a 2 or 3, and a jump would count as two moves.
Colette says:

By jumping your opponent's marbles, is the consensus that 'jumping' means one opponent marble at a time with a space between them - as in Chinese Checkers - though the string of opponent marbles would constitute one move, OR, does the interpretation mean one jump involves vaulting over any number of adjacent opponent marbles with no spaces between them?
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