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Smart Ass Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

4 - 8
Play Time
30 MIN
Smart Ass is the game for you if you enjoy yelling out answers. Can you yell out the answer the fastest? Each card offers ten clues that will have you and your opponents racing to be the first with the correct answer.

Questions don't focus on one specific category, so no specific knowledge base is required to play Smart Ass. Players will get points for each question that answer correctly, those points will help them reach the end of the Smart Ass game first. Try the game of Smart Ass for a fun, fast-paced time with your family and friends.
The game Smart Ass should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

  • Your Smart Ass Board Game Should Come With Game Board
  • 220 Questions Cards
  • 8 Playing Pieces And Stands
  • Jumbo Category Die
  • Jumbo Movement Die
  • The Complete Smart Ass Rules And Instructions Booklet
How to Win
To become a pro at Smart Ass you need to be the first player to reach "The End" on the Smart Ass' rear end.
How to Win
Perparation: Sort the question cards into four categories: What Am I?, Where Am I?, Who Am I, and Hard Ass. Place the cards in the card box, inserting the relevant category divider between each category of cards.

Each question card has two sides - a yellow and a green. Play the yellow side of the card only. Once all of the yellow cards have been read, start playing with the green side of the cards. In addition, the Hard Ass cards have two questions on each side. Once all of the top questions have been read, continue play using the bottom questions on each card.

Each player chooses a platic stand, inserts a Smart Ass playing piece and places it at Start.

Game Play: The oldest Smart Ass player (player 1) is the reader and asks the first question. Player 1 rolls the colored category die to determine the catefory of the first question (Blue is What Am I?, Green is Where Am I? and Orange is Who Am I?.)

Player 1 selects a question card from the category rolled. The question card lists 10 clues. Player 1 begins to read the first clue. Any player can yell out an answer at any time and after any clue (players do not need to wait for Player 1 to finish reading the clue.) However, each player gets only one try at answering each card. All players who provide incorrect answers are out of that round and cannot try and answer the question again.

Player 1 continues to read the clues until one of the players (Player 2) answers the question correctly. Player 2 then rolls the numbered movement die and moves his/her playing piece forward the number of spaces rolled.

If no player answers the questions correctly after the last clue is given, Player 1 wins the round, rolls the numbered movement die and moves his/her playing piece forward the number of spaces rolled.

Play passes to the left with the player to Player 1's left becoming the Reader.

Spaces on the game board: (a) Dumb Ass Space: This is a penalty space. If a player lands on this space after rolling the die, s/he is silenced from answering or asking the next question. In other words, any player landing on the Dumb Ass space sits out the next round. If it was that player's turn to read a question card, then the player to his/her left becomes the reader. Note: If only two players are playing and one player lands on the "Dumb Ass" space, then the player gets a free roll of the die and moves forward on the board. The game then continues. (b) Hard Ass Space: This is a bonus question space. If a player lands on this space after rolling the die, then the Reader selects and reads a bonus question from the "Hard Ass" (red) category. Only the player who landed on the Hard Ass space can try and answer the question. If the player answers correctly, s/he rolls the die again for a bonus move. If s/he answers incorrectly, then play resumes with all players back in the game for the next question. Note: For bonus spaces, if the player answers incorrectly, the Reader does NOT roll the die and move forward. (c) Kick Ass Space: If a player lands on a "Kick Ass" space, s/he must move his/her playing piece back three spaces.

Tie Breakers - If there is a dispute regarding which player answered the question correctly first, the Reader should determine which player moves forward. However, if it is an exact tie and the Reader cannot make the determination, then the Reader selects a tie breaking question from the "Hard Ass" category and reads the question for the tied players only. The first player to answer the tie breaking question correctly wins the round, rolls the die and moves forward. If none of the tied players answer the question correctly, the Reader wins the round, rolls and moves forward.

Please keep in mind that the official Smart Ass rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Smart Ass. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

We are on the hunt for more information about Smart Ass but have not found anything yet. If you have any information regaring the Smart Ass game rules or instuctions let us know and we will add it to this page. We will post any updates to this page as soon as we find it.

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the directions or anything you want about Smart Ass. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.



Human Question:
Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala: Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Battleship or Rummycube

Kjs says:

What is rule if someone gives incomplete answer, ie first name but no last name?
Stanley Kamm says:

What are the blank spaces on the move dice
BRANDY Ruebel says:

We just got this game and only got one die. How do we get rhe correct die to play this game
Julie says:

Ours did not come with a category die. How do,we get one?
Donna says:

Joining the others, the game only came with one regular die, no colored die
K cavagnaro says:

Box didn't come with colored die. Also only lists one due in the game contents.
Cynthia says:

We just purchased this game, and it only includes one die, yet it references a colored die. The content list only lists one die. Do I have to return the game or can I get the proper die. It is the ultimate trivia new look game.
Diane says:

Our instructions said it comes with 1 die and it did (white with the black dots) but when we read the rules it talks about a colored die, problem is we only got the one normal die no die with colors. How can we get a color die?
Shelli says:

Does the player(s) need to get an exact number to get to the donkey's ass?
paige says:

I think the game will be really fun to play and we will have a realy good time playing it
Caitlin says:

This game always keeps my family and I busy. Our box for some reason didn't include the instructions, so we had to improvise and make our own rules. Basically, Player 1 would roll both dice, and a random person who is the "referee" in a way, would ask the question based on what colour they rolled. If Player 1 got it wrong, then the next person in line would be allowed to "steal" amd answer it correctly. Pretty effective way of playing and it kept use preoccupied for three hours! Everyone always learns something new. These instructions are helpful and give me a insight and guideline to how the game is properly played, but I'm sure my family and I will stick to what we know. :) love this game!
Gail says:

Great game. Love playing it. Good cottage game. Lots of fun. One criticism - starts with "I am" in the first question and then changes ti "it". Keep it the same throughout the clues.
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