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Snowball Fight Game

Snowball Fight Game Rules

How To Play Snowball Fight (Instructions)

2 - 7
Play Time
20 MIN


Join in the fun of a virtual snowball fight. No snow included but still just as fun as you hit your opponents with snowballs. Be careful, if you get hit too many times you'll be out of the game.

Snowball Fight is fun for just about any age and includes a couple different ways to play. Learning how to play is a breeze but some types of game play will get you thinking hard as you try to outsmart your opponents. Grab a copy of Snowball Fight today.

Board Game Capital's Review (2019-12-08):
Snowball Fight CardsThere aren't too many seasonally themed card games out there but Snowball Fight is a great snowy game that covers winter. First impression when we saw this game - awesome! First impression when receiving and opening the game - awesome! First impression after playing once - awesome! We loved it but there are a few things to understand.

There are two ways to play the game. The first is a very simple and basic game built primarily on luck. Well, actually, completely on luck unless you build a secret alliance with another player to knock someone out of the game. This variant of the game is great for young players. We have no clue why the rules say Snowball Fight is for ages 14+. We feel like it should be 5+. We had a five year old playing and they did great!

The second variant, however, lets you have two cards in your hand and that is where you can build some simple strategy. Now you can save a double hit until you can actually use it or save a splat until you can hit someone with it. We liked this method of playing slightly more than the first. It was nice to be able to play two different ways.

Snowball Fight CardsGraphics on the cards are so cute and well made. Love, love, love the theme of these cards. The only gripe we have is that maybe the penguin on the fort could have been holding two snowballs to indicate two hits. A subtle reminder would have been nice but totally not a huge deal. Cards are built well and are nicely stored in a sturdy game box.

The game rules are clear though a little wordy. We would have liked to see more graphics in them but they get the game across nicely. Learning how to play is so simple that when explained by someone it only takes 20 seconds as opposed to reading them for 2 minutes.

Snowball Fight is a wonderful winter family card game that plays quick and involves a lot of people. This should be in everyone's collection if you like a game you don't have to think too hard about. Fun and casual with some slight (and real) card throwing as you smack others with snowballs.


  • You'll Get 100 Playing Cards
  • Official Snowball Fight Game Rules And Instructions


How to Win
If you can survive until the end of the game you'll be crowned the winner.
How to Win


Please keep in mind that the official Snowball Fight rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


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Ashley says:

What a great game and easy game to play with the youngsters during the holidays. We even sometimes play in the summer! But we pretend that instead of snowballs, it's water balloons. another plus is that it doesn't take up very much room. Perfect for on the go!
Spencer says:

What a fitting game as it's snowing outside. Wished I had this winter game to play about now...
Adam says:

I would love to "throw" snowballs at my kids without actually hurting them!
Adrian Tumminel says:

Looks like a fun family game that everyone can enjoy!
Gun Coaty says:

sometimes, it is just nice to have an affordable card game to purchase for the sake of having something new to play in the home without breaking the bank
Greg says:

Is it just us or does everyone else make a splat noise with their mouth when they throw a snowball card at someone else? Love the game for kids.
olga says:

Love how its family oriented, fun, and educational
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