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Sorry Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

2 - 4
Play Time
45 MIN
Play Time
Sorry PiecesThe word "sorry" is the perfect way to explain the game Sorry. Sorry is a board game where players draw cards and try to advance themselves. Inside that deck of cards being drawn is the covetous Sorry card that allows you to send anyone you want back to start. It is a fun game but can get a little heated as players keep send other players back to the beginning.

Sorry involves a little skill and a whole lot of luck due to the fact that if you don't draw the right cards and the right moment, someone will say "sorry" and you are headed back to beginning. Revenge might be on everyone's mind but it still is a fun game to laugh about later.
  • Your Sorry Board Game Should Contain The Game Board
  • A Deck Of Cards With No 6's Or 9's
  • Four Groups Of Four Pawns Each Having A Different Color (16 Total)
  • Official Sorry Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
To become the winner at Sorry, you must be the first player to advance all four of your pawns from your color Start to your color Home by exact count from the cards.
How to Win
Perparation: Each player choose a color and places their color corresponding pawns on their color Start space. Make sure the deck of cards is shuffled and placed on the Sorry game board where it says "Place Pack Here." A player is then picked to begin and game play moves clockwise around the board.

Game Play: Each player begins his or her turn by drawing a card and moving according to the card they draw. To begin a pawn moving forward, you must draw a 1 or 2. It is against the Sorry rules to begin moving with any other card. You may jump over any pawn counting that space as a normal space. If your pawn lands on an occupied space, you bump that pawn back to Start only if that pawn is not your own. When a player has no possible moves available, they simply forfeit their turn. If you can move, you must.

If you draw a card that makes you move more than two spaces beyond your own Start space, on your next turn you may move into your own Safety Zone without moving all the way around the board. When the all the Sorry card in the deck are used, shuffle and reuse them.

There are several Slides throughout the Sorry game board. The instructions and rules stated that if at any time you land by exact count on a triangle at the beginning of a Slide that is not your own color, slide ahead to the end and Bump (sending them back to Start) any pawns that are in your way including your own. If you land on a Slide that is the same color as your pawn, don't slide; just stay put on the triangle.

The Sorry Safety Zones are only used by pawns of the corresponding colors. No pawn may enter its Safety Zone by a backward move; however, a pawn can move backward out of its Safety Zone and on following turns move back into their Zone as the card permits.

What do the Sorry cards mean? The follow is a list of the actions associated with each Sorry card during game play:
  • 1 - Starts a pawn out or moves pawn forward 1 space.
  • 2 - Starts a pawn out or moves one pawn forward 2 spaces. Whether you move or cannot move, draw again and move accordingly.
  • 3 - Moves one pawn forward 3 spaces.
  • 4 - Moves one pawn backwards 4 spaces.
  • 5 - Moves one pawn forward 5 spaces.
  • 7 - Moves one pawn forward 7 spaces or can split the forward move between any two pawns. Using this card to start a pawn is against the Sorry rules. The instructions do state that you can part of the 7 to get a pawn Home but that you must be able to use the balance of the move for another pawn.
  • 8 - Moves one pawn forward 8 spaces.
  • 10 - Moves one pawn forward 10 spaces or moves one pawn backwards 1 space.
  • 11 - Moves one pawn forward 11 spaces or switches any one of your pawns with one of any opponent's. You have the option with this card to forfeit your move if you do not want to switch places with someone else or you cannot move forward 11 spaces. Using this card towards any pawn that is not on the open track (Start, Safety Zone or Home) is against the Sorry rules. If while switching with another player landed you on a triangle at the beginning of another player's slide, you may slide to the end!
  • 12 - Moves one pawn forward 12 spaces.
  • SORRY! - This card allows your to take one pawn from your Start and place it on any space that is occupied by any opponent. This bumps that opponent's pawn back to its Start. If there is no pawn on your Start or no opponent's pawn on any space you can move to, you forfeit your move.

Please keep in mind that the official Sorry PDF rules listed below could be different depending on the version you have. They should be an exact copy of what came in your original packaging. Download them to view now or print them for later use.

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about playing, problems with the directions, etc. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.



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Ryan says:

Once you have made a decision on your move and you make that move are you allowed to change your mind if you see that there was a better option after you have already placed down your pawn?
yeetbro says:

Can you use the 7 to move out 2 spaces with the balance to move another pawn
Trisha says:

Can you split a 7 to bring someone home and use the remaking spaces left to bring someone out of start? My son and I are having a debate over this.
JoJo says:

in the game of Sorry, if the yellow player is supposed to move "each player back 5 spaces", does that mean a yellow player moves back 5 spaces too?
Gail says:

If you are get a 12 and you are close to home but it would make you go past home since the number would be over the amount you need to get in home would you go past safe zone or not move
Vikki says:

If you move backwards 4 and come to a slide, do you slide backwards?
Lisa says:

If red player lands on the start of a slide that has a yellow player on the triangle and the end of the slide. Do both yellow pieces have to go back to start?
Nancy says:

do you have to go around the board twice if the card you draw is not close to home?
Drew says:

When you slide do you bump your own pawn to start?
Mia says:

Can you go into the home if you did not go all the war around the board?

can 2 pawns of the same color be in same box, even when you are going out of start with a 2. when approaching home and you pick a number greater than what you need, is that considered not being able to move, or do you go back out of home using up all the numbers on your card.
Alice says:

If your card reads "Move one pawn backwards 4 spaces", can you move a pawn from the "Start" box onto the edge of the board and then three steps "backwards"?
user says:

If you are tied for the number of pawns in home, but have more pawns in the safe zone than your opponent, does that count as a win?
Pat says:

Hate the new edition of Sorry. Will give it away. Bought an old version at a yard sale so now I am happy. Our question is "can you pass yourself going into home"? I think you can but would like to hear from others.
Paul says:

If you are on start and draw a 1, can 2 pawns of the same color occupy the same space?
Roxanne says:

Can you be killed on your home space. The one you get out on when you draw a 1 or a 2?
Phoenix says:

Can you go forward then back word in the safety zone in one move?
msfrogums says:

Love this game but got into a dispute with my adult son the other day. I was on the triangle of my Slide – on which I could not slide since it was my color. My son was on some margin square ahead of me. I drew an 11 and decided to switch places with him, putting me farther ahead on the board. I placed him on the triangle of my slide and took his blank box. He said he was entitled to slide since it wasn't his color. I said "no" because he didn't LAND there, he WAS PLACED there. It wasn't his turn – IT WASN'T HIS MOVE so he couldn't slide. He said the rules say you must slide if you land on a triangle of a slide that is not your color. Next question – when it does come to his next move, could he slide at that point and would that constitute a move? Or does he just draw a card and go from that triangle? OR can he draw a card, slide and then follow the card directives?? I have played this game for years and this has never come up before! Help!
Vicky says:

If you are in START & get a 2 Card that reads "Move Fire then move forward 2 spaces". Do you move Fire then use the 2 Card to get out of Start? Or Do you use the 2 Card to get out of start & ignore the "Move Fire" part of the Card?
Belle says:

What happens if a player has no more pawn at the start, when his pawn is bumped and no pawn left to move but they are all at the start area.
Scott says:

Fun game but the instructions are poorly written. Here's an example: when you have the fire ring, you're supposed to immediately move to the next corner before drawing a card. But what if you're just outside you're safety zone? Do you have to pass it and go around the board again? Also, as has been mentioned, the instructions don't tell you whether a fire pawn can be iced.
mancy says:

if you get card 11 and move forward 11 spaces can you bump opponent back to start if you land on there spot
Gramma Mary says:

I have been playing Sorry since the 1950s, and the version we now use is from the 1970s so here are some of the Old Rules. If you are one or two spaces from entering your safety zone and you draw a card with a number larger than what you need, you simply forfeit your turn and wait for a better card or you use it on another of your game pieces, if any are out. I never heard of going around the board a 2nd time - except when some smart aleck switches with you so that you are a few spaces beyond his/her start and s/he is closer to his/her own safety zone. Only then are you forced to go around again. Now, Jason asks why one would ever choose to move one space back instead of 10 forward. That would happen if 1) a person was in the safety zone or 2) if a person was fresh out of his/her start and hoping against hope to get a backward 4 so s/he wouldn't have to go around the whole board, or 3) if that person foresaw that moving 10 forward would land him/her in front of another players start where s/he could get sent back home if that other player drew a 1 or 2 and emerged from his/her start. That would send the first player back to his/her own start. I love, love, love the splittable 7. I could answer more questions but this is too long already. I had to sit on a phone book and a cushion in order to sit up to the table when I first played this game and cried when my older teenage sister sent me back to my start with a Sorry Card. I played it through the years with my husband, my in-laws, my son, and now my grandson. In my mother-in-law's last years we played Sorry with her although she had dementia, but she still remembered enough of the rules to win! I never heard of Fire & Ice, and, from the previous comments, I am GLAD! As a child, I hated this game, but now I LOVE it!
MrJombi says:

This is SO much fun reading the confusion over the Fire and Ice edition. I'll just stick to the rules in my game. Of course you first get the Fire or Ice rings by draw of the particular cards. A 1 for Ice, a 2 for Fire. Notice though that the 1 states 'Move Ice'. That means you MUST move it to another pawn. The 2 card states 'You may move Fire'. That means you MAY move Fire if you like, or just leave it where it sits. Those two cards act differently. So if you have the Fire ring and draw a 2 you may leave it on your pawn if you choose. Ignore the colors on the slides and just remember the point is you can't move any of your pawns beyond the safety zone. And yes you don't need an exact number to enter your safety zone but you do need an exact number to enter Home. You cannot Ice a Fire pawn or put a Fire on an Ice pawn. This next part is a matter of definition. The rules state you can put an Ice or Fire on any pawn on the board. Define board. The actual track only? Or anyplace including Start, Home and Safety Zone? I choose to define it as the playing track and so if there are no pawns on that, the Fire and Ice rings aren't moved. And no you cannot pick up Fire simply by landing on the Fire corner spots. Those corners are simply for the Fire pawn to jump to at the beginning of each of its' turn, before drawing a card. If an opponent happens to be sitting on that particular Fire corner, it gets bumped. An Ice pawn is not moved, period. If your move would place you on an Ice pawn, you forfeit. If an Ice pawn is on a slide and your move would put you at the start of a slide, you forfeit your move. I think the Fire ring is all too powerful. So when we play we do not allow the Fire pawn that enters Home to be able to bring along any other of your pawns. We find this helps equalize the game.
John says:

Can a pawn with a fire chip be bumped back to start when an opponent draws a "Sorry!" Card?
Jen says:

Ok so in the version with fire and ice...if a pawn has the fire token and moves into the safety zone, are they safe from other players? If another player gets a fire card are they allowed to move the fire token from the pawn if it's in the safety zone!? Plz help it's a hot topic in my house🤷🏻‍♀️
Taters says:

So, after playing Sorry for nearly 50 years, I played tonight with folks who had you move your pawn up and back within the safety zone if that was the only pawn you could move. E.g: if you were one space from the Home circle, and drew a 3, you would move up one to the circle but then back down two, making a move of 3 spaces. You would then need to draw a 2 to get Home on an exact count. Or if you drew another number, you would repeat the process of up and back. They cited the black up and down arrows on the side of the Safety Zone as the rationalization for this move. However, I can find nothing in any rules that mentions this. Does anyone else play this way?? And why? =)
Patty says:

Ok people, read the cards. Place the fire and ice tokens in the middle of the board. When you draw a #1 card, you may place the ice token on your opponent. If you draw a number 2 card, you may place the fire token on your pawn. The next person who draws a 1 or 2 gets to move the fire or ice token to the pawn of their choice. The fire and ice tokens cannot be used on the same token. Simple.
Trevor Burnett says:

So I still do not understand if a Sorry card gets you out of home if you haven't left yet. The rules state that you must draw a 1 or a 2. But they also state that a sorry card says you can take a pawn out and switch it with an opponent. Does the sorry card only work after you've drawn a 1 or a 2? Or is that included in the three ways you can leave home for the very first time?
Andre says:

Ice freezes you, rules even CLEARLY say can not move for any reason with the ice. So in order to slow down a pawn with fire you can ice them. If a pawn has ice the rules clearly state that the fire effect is void until you move the ice away to a different pawn. Also leave the fire and ice tokens in the middle of the board until you use a card that says to move them. Very simple!
Megan says:

I used to play this game a lot a long time ago and it made family game night so much fun but this fire and ice version just sucks... A "positive" number card gets you out? The instructions are very unclear about anything! And not to mention the fact that we only have 3 pegs know... You've made me hate a old childhood memory this new version was such a let down and disappointment-no wonder it was sale
Victor says:

Just bough the Sorry! with Ice and Fire. Ice and fire are each a cardboard rings that you can put on the pawns. The 1 card has "Move Ice" wording on it. The 2 card says "You may move Fire". The rules are not clear on what happens if you put Fire and Ice on the same pawn.
Tony says:

If you have a fire token and draw 7, 5 gets him home, according to the power up I can bring the last token home do I win or have to move the two on the last token ???
Jess says:

If you change places with someone and they are closer to their home space do they have to go all the way around or do they get to go into their home space?
Toby says:

Hasbro,please get rid of this version of Sorry! and bring back the original. This one with the fire and ice is only confusing to everyone.
Lindsay says:

Can you Ice a Fire power up pawn? If so what happens to the fire token?
Justin says:

Can fire move to a corner if its preoccupied by an opponents pawn
SP says:

Sorry we also had this rule for fire: when you get the fire token, you can either keep the fire token and play the game or you can use the fire token to move your pawan to the next corner, if you use the fire token you cannot pick up a card and you drop off the fire token to the corner you are on.
SP says:

We couldn't understand the rules for the fire and ice edition so we ended up making our own, so far it seems to cover everything. For move ice: -if unclaimed (i.e. not on a pawn), move ice to the next available corner -if on a pawn outside the safety zone, move ice to the next opponents pawn -if on a pawn in the safety zone, move ice to your next pawn -all other cases not covered, move ice to an available corner For you may move fire: -if unclaimed (i.e. not on a pawn), move fire to the next available corner -if on a pawn outside the safety zone, move fire to the next opponents pawn -if on a pawn in the safety zone, move fire to the next available corner -if on a pawn that reaches home, if possible, you have the option to take an opponents pawn that is already in their home and move it out of home to the nearest corner -all other cases not covered, move ice to an available corner
Laura says:

If you have gotten out by drawing a number 1 or 2 and your next card is a 4 to move backwards can you move backwards and then next card proceed into the safety zone. I know not backwards into the safety zone but backwards that puts you closer to the safety zone, instead of having to go all the way around the board. Can someone please answer this question. Thank you.
Ch says:

Ice power up- STOPS the pawn that has the ice tokenfrom being moved for ANY reason. It is placed on an opponents pawn, the pawn cannot be moved,bumped,swapped, sent back to start, pulled into home, or landed on by another pawn. If you are moving a pawn that will end up landing on that same space you must forfeit your turn. You cannot place ice on any pawn in Start, safely, or home, if there is no opponent to place it on return it to the center of the board.
Lh says:

You only go around the board 1 time. You can only enter home by exact number. You may not pass up the safety zone unless you are required to move back as instructed by cards. Per these instructions if you move backwards and end up in front of your safety zone or pass your safety zone, your next move moves you forward into your safety zone. Again exact number to get into home, if you cannot go exact number then you forfeit your turn.
Lisa says:

Anyone know what the blank cards are for? Can't find anything in the instructions.
Gue says:

Can you move a pawn multiple time around the board if it does not equally fit into the Home or Safety Zone?
kathy says:

If I draw a two to come out to the start circle does that mean I come out and move two spaces or does the 2 act like the 1 and only come out to the circle?
Erika says:

If you have a pawn on the circle. Of your own color can you move one out and move the other one to the next space over.
Skyler says:

This game is terrible. When me and my siblings played it as kids we had to get a 1,2,or sorry card to get out of start. Now it's almost every card that lets you out. And when we read the instructions on the power ups we were completely lost. I have no idea what was going on in the heads of the makers when they made that instruction manual. Sorry fire and ice SUCKS!!!!
Morgan says:

In the instructions it says ANY POSITIVE number will get a pawn out of start..... Every number is positive? There are no negative card numbers?
valerie says:

Think translation is the problem here....the game being made in China means the rules were written most likely by someone whose the rules were written by someone whose command of English is lacking....not their fault but the fault of the makers who get the product made overseas. I didn't know what a positive no was, unclear re slides as does it refer to the colour in the centre of the dot or the slides at the two edges of your colour square, plus it doesn't really say anything about the fire and ice. Glad I didn't buy it for a gift.
Lisa says:

I've read the directions about Fire & Ice but it never tells you how you get the token to begin with!
Jeff says:

We play the game by having a hand of 4 cards, and have an option of playing any card you want. Much more fun then just drawing a card off the top of the deck.
Randy says:

I see nowhere in the instructions or on this message board whether fire can be played on a pawn with ice on it or if ice can be played on a pawn with fire on it. Any help on this would be welcome!
April says:

It's been so long since I played. If you trade places and end up on the beginning of a slide can you slide if it's not your color?
Dirty Ryan says:

What do the blank cards supposed to represent in the regular version? My daughter was given this game for Christmas, and it came with 4 blank cards.
Marion says:

The new fire and ice sorry sucks! The instructions don't explain how to get the New power ups or why the fire symbols mean on the board. I hate it. I also feel tricked by hasbrointo buying the new edition. I thought it was the same as original with something extra, but it's not they completely changes the game abd not for the better.
Brenda says:

In the regular sorry game if someone has two pawns on one space can you send them both home if you land on it or do you go thou it,an is 2 pawns aloud on one space?
Fired Up says:

If in the safe zone with Fire and you have a seven card, can you split and move fire pawn to home and bring in another pawn to home . . . even though you didn't complete the split? Hasbro needs a QA department and technical writer and have games vetted / beta tested before release to the public - the CEO should get removed without any golden parachute for this blunder of a game!
Fired Up says:

Josh, you are wrong about Ice - power up. Immunity is not an advantage if you cannot move your pawn with Ice to home if once you move your pawn with fire into home - cannot bring that "iced" pawn to home with you. The Ice is to be placed on an opponent's pawn to freeze it in place and cannot be moved until the opponent draws a one (1) card - once a pawn is iced this gives others opportunity to easily win game.
Fired up says:

Where is ice on board, I.e. What do you land on to get ice? I see clearly how to get fire but what about ice?
sean says:

1St u cannot have possesion of both Fire and Ice Power-ups at the same time. 2Nd Power-ups can be TAKEN from pawns in the safety zone. However: u cannot place power-ups on pawns in the safety zone. 3Rd Moves with the fire token do not bump UNLESS u occupy the Fire Space that the Fire toke lands on 4Th If u are frozen by the Ice Token u cannot be moved by Any Action. You also cannot freeze the same pawn twice in a row
Dj Smooth says:

Someone said in an earlier post that some of these answers can be found by reading your instructions. Lol!!! Not if your game came with the instructions in Spanish instead of English.
wanda says:

I was very confused with the new fire and ice version. I think I understand after reading this.. but now I am confused anout the having to go back around the biard if you don't have the cirrect number to get in the safety zone.
Willis says:

Ok I have a question me an my wife has gotten into a situation about the fire and ice . If I have the fire and she has no peaces for it to go can she take and put it in the middle in the rules it states that about the ice but nothing about fire.
josh says:

ok so there has been some confusion on the FIRE and ICE tokens. the ICE token is meant to be used as an advantage for your own tokens, play as normal with it, its power comes in the form of immunity, meaning that that no one can bump you back to start if landing on your space on the board! or trade spots with you when the trade cards are drawn! its simply an immunity for your own good, (IT DOES NOT FREEZE A PAWN IN PLACE). The fire token is also for your advantage, being able to move it large leaps to each fire space on the corners of the board, also, if your pawn has the fire token on it as you enter into home, it allows you to automatically bring one of your other pawns to home with it. (ONLY ONE! ONE TIME!) regardless of how long the fire token stays on the pawn while in home.
Patti says:

I've been playing Sorry since I was a kid, and now we play it with our grandsons. I bought a new Sorry game so we could take one to our cottage, and I was disappointed to find that you ruined it! You know the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Fire? Ice? Three pawns instead of four? Get out of Start on any "positive" number? Move four spaces on a "Sorry" card? Seriously? WHY?
Deborah says:

in the game sorry if you have gone around the board once and its your turn and you cant enter the saftey zone do you have to go around the board again?
barbara barysh says:

brand new edition has two mini circles that fit over the pieces: a fire (red/yellow) and an ice (blue) ... can you explain the way these are used? Instructions are really confusing.
Jason says:

A lot of my questions were answered.. All but this one.. On one particular card it says: Move forward TEN or backwards ONE. in what situation would you ever want to move backwards ONE? you wouldn't right?
Carol says:

If you can't use a Sorry! card, can you save it for another turn? That is what Wiki says. Never heard that before though.
Rachel says:

If you draw a 2 and move your last player from start and then draw a sorry card can you take back the piece you moved from start so you can use the sorry card?
NannyAndMama says:

Most of these questions can be answered by thoroughly reading the instructions that came with it. The only one I think isn't answered is what happens if you have the fire and someone gets a one: can they make you take the ice and lose the fire. We play as if no: fire is safe until a two is drawn and the fire is moved. I do think it's confusing though, to move out of start on a "positive number". We decided that means any card except the four, which moves you backwards, ie Not a "positive" number. I did prefer moving out on a one or a two only...
Samantha says:

The instructions for the fire and ice are so confusing. we play the as if its not there. maybe some day i will try to figure it out. otherwise it is a very fun game.
Steven says:

Yes, you can move backwards with your 4 card; you just can not go backward into your safe zone. on your next turn you can enter your safe zone provided you have the exact number. rules state you have tohave the exact number to enter Home. yes, you can pass your own piece in the safty zone provided you have the exact number of spaces; no, you can not occupy the same space. if at any time you can not move the instructed amount of spaces for the card you forfiet your turn by default. the only question I can not answer is the one about the placing ice on fire; it was not touched on by the rules in the game. the rest requires some common sense. take deep breaths and reread the instructions if you have to. Have fun! I love the game minues the fire/ice question.
Heather says:

I love the original sorry game . But this one is just as good . Only one problem. The rules are hard to understand. Other than that the game is perfect. Well almost perfect.
Daniel says:

We absolutely infuriated with the new Fire & Ice version. Hasbro ruined family game night with the most confusing adaptation of a game ever! Not to mention the fact that we only ended up with this version because hasbro so poorly labeled the game with a small bubble on the front that we could barely tell made it a different version. The rules are the most confusing and unclear rules for a mainstream game. And removing the "leave start with a 1 or 2" rule and allowing a player to leave start on any positive card? What does that even mean? The arguments that it spurred based on unclear directions were enough to cause one of my children to cry, and another to be sent to their room for swearing. I quote her, using asterisks on the sensitive word, "This game is bullshi*!" Hasbro, Sorry was never broke. What made you think this was a fix? I just don't understand why you wasted the time and energy with this version. We want our money back, and you can have the game. It's no wonder the game was on clearance for $5.88 at WalMart.
Liz says:

I don't understand how we get the fire and ice pawn? Can somebody help me
Judi says:

Can you move backwards 4 if you are on the move from start space
Trplebizzle says:

Can you take the fire token from a player in the safety zone? Heated arguments abound. Please advise.
Lisa says:

For those that have played the Fire & Ice version. If someone has the fire ring on and you draw the card for Ice - can you remove the fire from that player and change it to ice? Or are they "safe" because they already have a power up on? Heated argument with an 11 year old about this last night. LOL
nivragb says:

I just bought the newest version of the sorry game and it only has 3 markers and the rules don't mention how to get the markers on the board from Start. Do the same rules apply - can only come in on 1's or 2's?
Kevin says:

So you get an 11 and the player you are trading with winds up at the top of a slide - do they slide? All the rules only address when you land there, not when an opponent gets placed there.
Lorraine says:

Has anyone got a copy of the original WADDINGTON rules which I swear are different from the HASBRO ones?
John Thomley says:

Your card says 12 and your coming down towards your slide, in order to slide do you have to stop slide and then contiue counting?
Grace says:

If someone has a two and goes into their winning circle but on two's you have to draw again, and they pull a move backwards four... Would they have to move backwards four?
monica says:

If your opponent gets an 11 and switches with you and you then slide down but you have a guy there so when u slide you knock yourself off is that legal
Robert says:

My game to only came with Spanish instructions. If you just entered the safe zone and the next card you draw is a 4 back do you have to move 4 back. Please help on this
Nicole says:

Can you move backwards 4 if you are on the move from start space
Corbin says:

Look under the box insert inside the game, that's where I found English instructions.
Susan says:

Do you go back to start if your turn lands you on a spot with one of your own pawns?
Susan says:

Do you go back to start if your turn lands you on a spot with one of your own pawns?
JP says:

About the 2 card. If you use it to get out of home do you move your pawn one space to the first space outside of home or do you move it out and then move pawn to the second space outside of home
Daniel says:

What does the diamond space between the safety zone and the start MEAN?
Karter says:

OK, most people want to know the rule on having to pass your safety zone or not if you draw too high a number to enter it or go home. Simply put, there is NO clear rule on this in the modern game. In the original game, there was a diamond on the space just after the space in front of your safety zone and of that color. The rule then stated that no pawn of that color (your color for your zone) could pass over that diamond (which by definition includes occupying that space.) SO that space was essentially a dead space. This would have precluded moving past the safety zone, AND moving backwards from start to avoid having to go around the board. That diamond AND that rule have been removed, SO based on the current rules, if you can go backwards to get to your safety zone, you also MUST pass it up if you have to. The makers of the game would need to add a rule that you cannot pass up your safetly zone, and that your path must follow the arrow which on modern games flows into your safety zone. Otherwise, if we play strictly by the modern rules, you do NOT forfeit your turn simply because you draw a number greater than your home square distance. You are stuck moving around the board again.
Katie says:

The arrow after the slides that are right by the "start" spaces.....when u slide on an opponents do u go to the space with that arrow or stay on the circle. What is the purpose of that arrow?!?!?
KP says:

Our game came ONLY with Spanish instructions also - GO FIGURE?
D says:

i have a 11 and i am almost too the safe zone and i only have 1 pawn out what do i do since i have to big of a number to go to home and not small enough to be in safe zone do i have to go all around the board or does my turn get skipped
DD says:

How many 12's are there supposed to be in the deck??? I only have 3.
JA says:

I have a mix of 2 sets of sorry game cards, and need to know how many 1s, 2s, 3s, etc. there are in one game!
JAK says:

Samantha, The rules say you can indeed use the backwards 4 in order to avert going all the way around the board. My kids got me on this one.
JAK says:

The rules say if I can move I must move (even if it is at my disadvantage), all pawns move into Home only an exact count, two pawns of the same color may never occupy the same space (apparently also even in the SAFE ZONE). Lets say I am on the space just before going into the Safe Zone, I draw 5 and if move 5 would share that space with another of my pawns, I guess I have to use the 5 and instead go around the board again?
Samantha says:

If you have gotten out by drawing a number 1 or 2 and your next card is a 4 to move backwards can you move backwards and then next card proceed into the safety zone. I know not backwards into the safety zone but backwards that puts you closer to the safety zone, instead of having to go all the way around the board.
KM says:

You know I'd like to answer some questions or ask some but OUR game ONLY came with Spanish instructions!
mike says:

if you are in safe zone and draw a 4 do u move backward out of safe zone or are you safe and do not have to move.
Julianne says:

Do you slide backwards when you get a card saying go back 4 ? Or just count each square in the slide area?
lalala says:

So what happens if: 1. All 3 pawns are in my Home 2. I need a Draw 2 and i draw it and move my pawn into Home 3. BUT for a Draw 2, I drew another card and it was a Move Back 4 4. Do I win? or do I have to move a pawn out of my Home, back 4?????? My extremely competitive friend wants to know!!
Charlie says:

If I draw a 7 and I'm 2 squares away from a slide and my opponent is 1 square past the slide can I move 2 then slide move 1 and knock out my opponent then finish my next 4 moves with another piece? Thank You Charlie
Roys says:

We need clarification on this: "If you draw a card that makes you move more than two spaces beyond your own Start space, on your next turn you may move into your own Safety Zone without moving all the way around the board." Also - the original game says it's ok for players 6+ - this website says 10+. We play with our 6 year old and he does great!!
Marcia says:

Ok, I have the same question as Kathy from 12-28-09. I've played this game many times as a kid but now playing as a mom with my family--my husband thinks we have to keep going around and around if we don't have the "right" number to either get to safty or to home. The rules state if there are "no possible moves" that you "forfeit your turn" and that is where my husband says well " there is a possible move" when reading the object it does say when one player gets all four pawns into home from start but it doesn't say this has to be done in one round!!!!! someone HELP!!!!!!
Kathy says:

If behind home and you get go 12 card do you go back around board again or do you stay there because you don't have the exact number to go home?
Dee says:

Can you use a 4 to go backward past start and go into safety zone?
Ayla says:

I noticed with the newer version of the game Sorry that it does NOT have the "triangle" NOR the rule that goes with it. Does anyone know why? (ex: with a "10" card you have the option of going forward 10 spaces or back 1. It was a benefit of having that "triangle" because it stopped you from going around the whole board.
Hannah says:

does anyone know if you go around the board and you cant go into the safezone do you sit till you get the right number or do you have to go back around?
Jake says:

My son and I have modified the rules and it makes for a much closer game:
1) We've taken the 3 ad cards and created two 6/9 cards (can be a 6 or a 9) and a wild card (can be any standard card except Sorry!)
2) If you are in front of your safety zone and draw a large card and have no other moves, you have to go around.
3) If you draw the same valued card on successive turns the second one becomes a negative move.

4) Marked one of each single function forward cards (3,5,8,12) with an "R" which gives the option to move an opponent's piece backwards that number of places.
5) For a faster game: always slide when you hit an arrow then keep counting. Wipe out all pieces on the slide including your own.
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