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Splendor Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

2 - 4
Play Time
30 MIN
Play Time
Splendor, published in 2014, is set in the Renaissance era and players take on the role of wealthy merchants acquiring mines, transportation, and artisans in order to gain prestige points and become the most successful merchant.

To play the game, each player starts with a set number of gold tokens and a player board. On their turn, players can take one of the following actions: take gold tokens, take development cards, or reserve a card from the display. Development cards come in three different levels, and players can acquire them by spending their gold tokens and/or by using cards they have already acquired. When a player acquires a card with a gem on it, they take a corresponding gem token and place it on their player board. Players can also acquire prestige points by building developments.

The game ends when one player has acquired a certain number of prestige points, at which point that player is declared the winner. Splendor is considered a light-medium strategy game, with easy to learn rules, but a good depth of gameplay, it's a fast-paced game, and it's recommended for players who enjoy games with a historical theme and simple mechanics. It's a very popular game among board game enthusiasts, it's easy to learn, but it's not easy to master.

Clever gameplay quickly becomes a race to the finish as players attempt to outsmart each other and gain the game winner title. Give Splendor a try today and have fun with your friends or family.

  • As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Award in 2014
  • Spiel des Jahres Recommended Award in 2014
  • You'll Get 40 Tokens
  • 90 Development Cards
  • Official Splendor Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
In Splendor, the player with the most prestige points is declared the winner.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Splendor PDF rules listed below could be different depending on the version you have. They should be an exact copy of what came in your original packaging. Download them to view now or print them for later use.

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Human Question:
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Virginia says:

Can you exchange tokens for other colors on your turn? I can't find this in the rules but the people I play with say you can. Also, can you exchange a token for a gold to reserve? Also is it true you can reserve a card from the draw pile? I saw this on some rules. TYIA!
Richard says:

Some people interpret the max gem rule to mean that you can exceed 10 as long as you finish with 10 after returning gems of their choice (not just some or all of your section choices during your turn). What say you?
Steve says:

I saw this being played and although the theme is a little dumb the game play looked pretty fun and strategic. Little pricy for what it is.
Jared says:

I saw this on a review site and it sounded ok. I just glanced through the game rules and it seems like learning how to play would be a bit challenging. Maybe I'm more of a quick card game type of person.
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