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Tome Game

Tome Game Rules

How To Play Tome (Instructions)

3 - 4
Play Time
30 MIN


Classic trick taking meets playing in teams meets magical twists. Now that's a game you gotta learn more about! Tome adds a whole new flavor of fun battling cards with your friends. There is plenty of strategy and back stabbing to go around. If you can hone into your magical powers and communicate silently with your partner then you'll have quite the edge in this game.

Tome offers a couple different ways to play including a 4 player teams option, a three player everyone for yourself option or even combining additional decks option. This game is great for older players (14+) and the best part, games don't take forever to complete. In less than 30 minutes, you'll be demanding a rematch if you lost, or defending your winning title. Learn more below about how to play this small yet powerful card game. Buy your own copy of Tome, The Light Edition today and you'll be glad you did.

Board Game Capital's Review (2021-04-22):
Tome GameThe full game name is Tome The Light Edition. If you think "light edition" means not as much fun then you are dead wrong with this game. We were floored by the potential for fun and strategy this card game has with so little cards. The creators did a really good job throwing in all the right twists and surprises in the game rules that this is actually a very entertaining game to play.

What we liked – basically everything. We were skeptical at first wondering how well things would turn out but boy were we wrong. The typical trick taking was the easy part, trying to dodge the spells, out rank your opponent, use special powers and leveraging that blasted chain effect was an ongoing battle. Throw a successful team play option in there and wow. Four players can play as a team and three players can play in survival. Impressive that the game can switch so easily and offer such a different gaming experience all with the same cards (with the addition of some health tokens).

The game was well illustrated, the box is well made and the cards are made of decent textured materials. Nice job there but even nicer job with the rule book. We haven’t seen a rule book this concise yet helpful, illustrated with useful examples and very easy to read through, in a long time. The flow and explanation of rules was very well done. With about 20 pages in the rulebook it seems daunting but it’s not. Game variants are explained well and there is even a quick reference guide in the back.

Tome GameNot sure where to throw this in but the score keeper cards were a nice addition and proof that the game creators went above and beyond with this game.

We didn’t have much not to like. Not being able to play with two people is a bummer so you’ll need to find an extra player. Becoming familiar with all the actions available and the strategy that exists in the game takes a few rounds but you catch on as with any new game. Is this game earth shattering? No. Is this game boring and dumb? We certainly didn’t think so. Will you want to play it over and over? Um, yeah – this game sucks you in and rematches are a must with game play at only 30 minutes. Are we glad we have this game in our gaming closet? Heck ya!


  • 38 Cards
  • 8 Life Tokens
  • Official Tome Game Rules And Instructions


How to Win
You'll become the winning team when you reach 15 points and have a two point lead over your opponents.
How to Win


Please keep in mind that the official Tome rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


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