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Trouble Children's Game

Trouble Game Rules

How To Play Trouble (Instructions)

2 - 4
Play Time
30 MIN


It's a race against your opponents in the game of Trouble to see who can get their players back to home first. Jump around the board to see who can avoid being landed on.

Watch out for the other players, they can send you home and most players won't be afraid to do it. Trouble is an easy game to take with you when you travel because the board holds the pieces in place. Try playing Trouble for a fun, easy game to play.


  • The Game Of Trouble Should Come With Game Board
  • Plastic Game Unit With Pop-o-matic Die Roller
  • 16 Plastic Playing Pegs
  • 4 Rubber Game Board Feet
  • Trouble Rules And Instructions


How to Win
To win Trouble, be the first player to move all four of your colored pegs around the game board and into your finish line. During the game, try to send your opponents' pegs back to home.
How to Win


Please keep in mind that the official Trouble rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the directions or anything you want about Trouble. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.

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Lucy says:

I had the same question as Joan. What are you supposed to do on the space with 2Xs in Grey? Joan says: 10-06-2019 On the Trouble Board there are spaces with 2Xs in Grey, yet nothing in the direction. One comment was is it a miss turn or is it a double turn. Either way no idea or direction, so we ignored it. This is a special needs child who loves games, any games but this is one of her favs. Joan
Ed says:

If my own peg is at my own start, can it be captured by opponents?
Ed says:

If my own peg is at my own start, can it be captured by opponents?
Karen says:

What if you roll and your only move would land you on the same space as one of your players, what do you do?
Charlyne says:

when playing trouble, if you have no pegs in home and land in the start space of an opponent and an opponent gets one , you get kicked out can you put that peg in your start or do you go home because you got kicked out?
Bob says:

Sorry Meg but my directions clearly state you must have an exact roll of the dice to get into the finish line. The directions that are online for trouble clearly reflect the same answer.
Helen says:

If the dice "lands" on its corner what happens?
William Locke says:

If you land on the warp when going in to your finish do you have to go across? Are you allowed to jump passed one of your own pegs? Rolling a one you don't move, the other players move one out of home correct?
JayE says:

Contrary to comments above, the rules state "a peg can only enter FINISH if the exact number required to get into one of the FINISH spaces is popped."
Trish says:

If someone gets a warp that someone is on, but they have to still warp is the person out that was on a warp that wasnt the end of the other person's turn?
Joan says:

On the Trouble Board there are spaces with 2Xs in Grey, yet nothing in the direction. One comment was is it a miss turn or is it a double turn. Either way no idea or direction, so we ignored it. This is a special needs child who loves games, any games but this is one of her favs. Joan
Tyler says:

If you have on piece that needs a one to be safe and you roll a 6 do you get to roll again?
Meg says:

It clearly states in the instructions of the game that you don't need exact count to get into the finish spot. If you have one space left to move and roll a 5 you can still move into the finish zone. The new instructions aren't that hard, my 7 year old read them once and understood them.
Ethnea says:

I don't see any answers to those questions
Therese Masi says:

I am pushing 60. The little neighbor girl brought her Trouble game over. My husband and I were so confused, we put it away and brought out the Yahtzee game. No wonder young kids are losing it!!! O M G.
johari guy says:

Can you jump off over your own man piece
Robbie says:

Can you jump someone of your own color
Tim says:

Can you split a pop between two pegs
Nana says:

I just got the game to play with my grandkids. The rules are way different than I remember as a kid. I'm going to ignore the warp and double XX and Red One and just play with the old rules where you only get out of home with a 6 and can move one space with a 1. The new rules don't seem to work right for us.
mike says:

when you are on start can the other people playing go by you or they have to stay till you play
David says:

Can u move a peg of another player and put it back and get the other peg and move it?
Jerry says:

The rules State that you do NOt need exact count to get in the finish zone. So, if you are one space away you can get in the finish with anything except a 1.
Sara says:

I am completely confused about the red "1"...how can one win a game with out being able to move 1 space???
Cory says:

I landed on a warp on the opposite side of the board from my finish so I warped to the other side and now am 1 space away from finish but need a 1 to win. What do I do
Kevin boyer jr says:

If you land on a warp, you have to warp. In other words you can never need a 1 to win. This scenario doesn't exist because you have to warp
Christopher Vie says:

What if you need a 1 to win? It is a glitch
Javier says:

If you land on the double x which is skip a turn after you roll a 6 do you loose your double roll or do you roll again?? Caused a major argument between my kids.
Rose says:

Where does the safety zone start? Is it the last 4 spaces or the last 5 spaces. It shows 5 spaces in a colored zone. But only 4 pawns. Caused a big fight and game thrown. Plz help.
Mac says:

I understand that you can have a piece out on the board & can hit a 6 taking your next piece from home to start but can you move your 2nd, 3rd or 4th piece around the board at the sametime w/o getting your 1st piece in the finish zone?
Moe says:

My family and I have been playing the new trouble for a week now. One of us will send all of our pieces home and would need a one to win. What happens when you need a one to win the game. Cause the red 1 dice in the instructions says you can't move but other opponents get to move one piece out from home. How do I win if this happens????? Please help... It's confusing...
Randy says:

If I have one left and I need 4 to move in and win do i go around again if its more than 4 to win
Kate says:

What happens when someone else presses the dome for you when it wasn't there go or they weren't supposed to?? Do you have to play by that number on the dice or you have to press it again or you get to choose if you want to keep it or not? Someone help please this is causing arguments in my household!
RedOneTrouble says:

The rule for the Red-1 is a game flaw: YOU CANNOT WIN if you need to move your last piece one space. Our family allows you to move one space only if it is to win the game.
Nathan says:

Jed - I have read the official rules over and over and do not see where you come up with forfeiting your turn if you pop a 6 but cannot move 6 spaces...? In fact there is a "note" that emphasizes remembering that if you pop a 6 you get another turn I wish they addressed this specifically, but just dont see it :(
Gregory says:

When you get a 6 you get to pop again no matter if you have a move or not. There is no penalty for the number of 6 you can get. The only time you don't pop again with a 6 is in the new version when landing on double trouble. Only one extra pop on double trouble
Amanda says:

Is the start a space on the board for all players to use?
Brenda says:

If you need to get a 1 on the die to win the game, and you get a 6, do you get to try again before the next person gets to have a turn or is your turn over because you did not get the exact number to be able to make a move?
Jason says:

I swear some of you ppl are confusing Trouble with Sorry
Cindy says:

What if you need a 1 to win? I thought you can not move on a 1 but other players can move out. I assume during the game that you cannot ever move when you roll a one?
Toby says:

After winning the game do I start the next game or do we pop the die to see who goes first all over again?
eli says:

I read the instructions and i swear i thought that 1 lets you out but it said nothing about that in the instructions. it only talked about the 6 letting you out.
Adele says:

If a red one moves other peoples pieces out and you cant move, what happens if you need a 1 to win??
Pat says:

What does the red "1" mean in the minion Trouble game? Did not read anything in the directions concerning the red 1.
Adriane says:

If I land on my own opponent do I go back home
Kim says:

If i roll (3) sixes in a row back to back do i roll again or is it the next person turn
bobby says:

If a red one moves other peoples pieces out and you cant move, what happens if you need a 1 to win??
gerry says:

If i roll a 6 and i move my peice onto start and i keep it there. can my opponent still pass me
Bernard Campbel says:

what number do you need to come out? Is it a 6 or a one or can you come out with either a 6 or a 1?
Felicia says:

If I land on the safe zone spot at home and three pieces are already in spot 2,3,4, and I can only move one space to finish the game, but I can't move 1 space because the red one is only for letting others out, what happens? Did I just lose the game automatically?
Jenni says:

RED 1: means the other player can move one out if they can, you don't move that turn. DOUBLE Xs: if you stop on them you get another turn. You are allowed to pass your pieces, if you stop on any piece they are sent home. If you stop on a warp spot you travel to connecting warp spot on other side of the board. You do not need exact number to enter home.
Liona says:

What are the grey xx 's for on the board, my son got the game for a gift, when I was younger there weren't these grey Xx's placed between (in the middle)each colours corners. Already lost the instructions. The grey XX's are there for a reason. But why?
Liona says:

What are the grey xx 's for on the board, my son got the game for a gift, when I was younger there weren't these grey Xx's placed between (in the middle)each colours corners. Already lost the instructions. The grey XX's are there for a reason. But why?
Mama Guz says:

The red 1 means everyone else gets to take out 1 peg. You do nothing and your turn is over. If you land on the XX you go again, if you roll a 6, you go again. If you roll a 6 and land on the XX, you still only get to go again once (unless you roll a 6 on the next time, then you go again). I think if you land on a warp zone with someone there and someone at the end of the warp, then you send them both home. I still have no idea about the warp, if you land on the one right before your home. It seems like you shouldn't have to use it, but you might have to. Not clear on this.
kayla says:

This is an awesome game made for us kids
POD says:

i am unclear and lost my directions does anyone know if the red rolled by you makes your opponents able to move 1 out or one space but you are like missing a turn and the warp if landed on you can shoot across missing half the board , but what about when it lands you on your home base ? and the old rules said infanita 6 rule but with XX spot i thought i read limited 2 if landing on XX but only old stuff available online still no way to find this so far wish i wouldn't of lost my rules
Melissa says:

If you pop a six and you can't move do you still get to pop again?
Jon says:

Can a player pass his own piece with another piece to obtain the number rolled on the dice?
Elizabeth says:

What is the finish/safe zone? Is it just the final 4 spaces or does it include the space at the end of a warp? If this is not a safe area, do you have to warp backwards? I am also confused if you need to go all the way around once or can the warp take you directly to finish?
Ray says:

When you land on warp...what if the base across the boards warp space puts you near your own finish? Do you go all the around again or into your finish after another roll?
shanta says:

If i start moving my peg and i have another peg that can get somebody else out and i done started moving the first one can i put it back in move the other one once i have moved it.
Tina says:

This is a very nice game but everytime i play it just gets boring every single time....... i give it a ★★★
Jenny says:

Landing on Double Trouble - instructions confusing. Does one take one additional turn or two?
Nancy says:

Like every one else what does wrap mean?what do I do if I stop on my own peg????
tommy says:

If i land on warp and my next move is a 1, what do i do
Mark says:

Why is the 1 red? Also, what if someone lands on warp and does not want to warp?
Eric says:

if I land on warp and go to other side and my next move is home and I only need 1 what do I do?
angie says:

does the red 1 on the dice mean anything on the trouble game with the warp and xx?
stella says:

when you land on Double Trouble do you get two turns or one?
Jed says:

If you pop a 6 and cannot move six spaces, you forfeit your turn! This is according to the original rules, not those found on Hasbro.com
shonda says:

if I land on warp and my next move is home and I only need 1 what do I do?
jared says:

if u need a 5 to get in home and pop a 6 can u go again because u poped a 6
Pearline says:

Anyone found the instructions for the board with the warp?
TripleDad says:

If you land on a warp you move to the bottom of the warp on the opposite of the board. If someone is on the warp space then go home. Landing on double XX gets you another pop of the dice.
Damone says:

What if you land on a warp that has someone there and warp onto someone as well, do you make both go to the home?
Janet says:

What does warp and double xs mean. No instructions came in box
taylar says:

this game is so easy I always win the game is getting boaring
Pepper says:

I want to know also what is meant by warp spaces and double xs. What happens when you land on it.
jason says:

LeeAnn if another player lands on you, you dont go back to start, you go back to Home.
Scott says:

If you are landed upon by another player you have to go home regardless and pop a 6. My question is does anyone have a newer version with warp and double x spaces? I don't know what these spaces mean.
hope says:

yes you have to go home and roll six again to get that peg out again
bren says:

I rolled a six consecutively, may I come out twice or do I have to advance the first peg 6 spaces?
VALL says:

If you are going into the finish line and pop a 6, but cannot move 6, can you still pop again?
LeeAnn says:

we have a scenario that we can't find a Rule for....when a player lands on you and you have to go back to Start and your own player is on that spot....what do you do? Do you have to go HOME and roll a 6 all over again to get that player into Play again?? argghhhh
LeeAnn says:

Yes shiney....pass away!
shiney says:

In the game trouble, am I allowed to pass my own peg on the way around the board?
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