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How To Play Upwords

Upwords Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

2 - 4
Play Time
30 MIN
The quick stacking word game, Upwords, has you competing to see whether you or your opponents can score the most points by stacking letters to make words. Play your letters to see who can make the largest variety of words.

Upwords GameYou score more points each time you place a letter on top of another tile. This will make your points add up quick. Upwords is a unique 3-dimensional game that will have you searching your vocabulary for new, fun words. Have fun learning with the Upwords board game.
The game Upwords should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

  • Your Upwords Board Game Should Come With The Plastic Game Board
  • 100 Plastic Letter Tiles
  • 4 Plastic Tile Racks
  • 4 Rubber Feet
  • Label Sheet
  • The Complete Upwords Board Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
The object of Upwords is to build words to score the most points.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Upwords rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Upwords. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the directions or anything you want about Upwords. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.



Human Question:
Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala: Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Battleship or Rummycube

Jan says:

2 players, one uses all tiles, can other player use all their tiles ?
Marlene Elliott says:

Can you change the word CLOVEN to CLOVES by just adding an S?
James says:

My wife and I argued over this basic game play so hopefully someone can help. the word TEASE was written downwards. I added DAD across at the end froming TEASED and DAD. She said I have to build off an existing letter and not just connect at the end froming new word. She reads the rules as only Plurals can do that.
Tammy says:

If I have the Qu tile and a u tile. Can I play them together making the u tile invalid? I need to place quit next to snitch to for leaving the qu in a blank and forming us, in and ti. But it only works if I can play a separate u tile?
Connie says:

My husband says I’m cheating when I have letters that MIGHT be a word and then I actually find it in the dictionary. It turns out to be a word we did not know existed and I can then play it. He says I’m cheating because he feels I’m just “scanning the dictionary to find words to match my letters”. I don’t feel it is cheating and he can do the same if he wants to.
Susan says:

Is there a list of how many of each letter are in the game so I’ll know if another “e” or “t” might be coming?
Donna Schwamber says:

When drawing replacement letters I got three Es. There were no remaining letters to replace it with. Can I just put it back So my opponent would draw it, or am I stuck with three Es?
Stel says:

How many turns do you get after Making one mistake to make a word.
Hugh Maisey says:

Couple of rules we play. For 2 players the first two rounds must be 4 letter words . For 4 players just the first round. Additionally, once all the tiles have been taken (I.e. the bag is empty), we allow piles to go to 6 high. The first rule spreads the game out at the start and makes play quicker. The second rule also speeds up the endgame.
karla hancock says:

I submitted the above comment. When and how do I get a response?
karla hancock says:

We are wondering if you can add an "s" to a VERB--which actually makes it SINGULAR instead of plural--like changing "bake" to "bakes." That is not making a plural. There are some nouns like sleep" which are also verbs. The instructions don't address this. If it is not possible, that should be made clear in the instructions. We have one player who is really hung up on this issue and wants to add "s" to those kinds of words.
Sarah says:

Do I have to use the QU as QU or can I use it as only q?
Maxine says:

When playing the game with three players, one of the players has the habit of googling his words before he puts the letters on the board. The two other players says that is cheating other, that player insists that the rules does not state that he can not google a word before he puts his letters on the board. What is the correct answer?
Randy says:

Can you change miked to mikes? Is that legal or does that make it plural. Thanks
Kathy says:

Can you use abbreviations in upwards??
Joe says:

"Quit" is already written horizontally, scoring 8 pts., 2 extra for using the "Qu" on one level. If I add an "s" at the end of "Quit" and make the word "So" vertically, do I still get the extra 2 points for the "Qu" since it's all on one level? My wife says "No way!" How many points do I get in total? 12 or 14?
james says:

In you have the word 'drey' going down, can you then put 'guy' across (covering the d) and 'toy' vertically? The rules don't explicitly say anything about that situation
James says:

If you have 'vice' across and 'cane' down, can you change it to 'rife' across and also add an 'i' to make 'fine' going down? The rules don't clearly state if you can change two connected words like that.
Sandra Winchest says:

My friend spelled the word STORMY. Her next turn, she put an S over the Y. I told her you cannot put as S at the end of a word unless you change the word. She insisted she was changing the word from stormy to storm. I told her that the basic word was STORM and she cant do it. Is the rule that you can't plural a word with as S unless you change the word or that you just can't put an S at the end of a word by itself.
Nancy says:

What is answer to question about making two plural words by changing y to s with s connecting to another word making it plural?
DaveWoolly says:

Where can I get the rules for upwords deluxe I bought the game for the grandchildren but having tested it, they lost out.
stops says:

stops is aword reverse stops read spots doess this count for ten?
Sharon says:

How many games can you have going at one time. My cousin and I have so many games going now that we can't challange either one anymore.
Muriel says:

Any suggestions on how to choose the dictionary used in Upwords. Would it be: your board, your choice? Some players use the Scrabble Dictionary. I think that's too easy!
Trudie says:

If a word is already on the board in the past tense, i.e. Waned, can you change it to wanes without making another word perpendicular to it ?
Susan says:

How do you count tiles when you have a stacked word and u add an s to make it plural and make a new word withe the s. Is the single word counted as 1 or 2 points. The stacked word is 1 point each tile
Bonnie says:

Just had a thought about the last question. One can always have "family" rules. It might be fun once in a while to see how the game plays out by letting everyone play until all tiles are on the board.
Bonnie says:

The game's over when the first person goes out & there are no more tiles. The tiles remaining to the other players are worth 5 points each & are subtracted from their scores.
Bob says:

Does the game end when one player plays all their tiles or when all players have played all their tiles?
Bonnie says:

Sharon - You can only make a word plural if you are also making another word in the other direction. This is certainly a slow list! :)
Sharon says:

Can you add just an S on top of a D as in FAMED to change to FAMES
Michelle says:

Can you please tell me what the label sheet is for?
Lisa says:

when stacking in up words can u make a word that was previously made in the same stack? I know you can't put an "a" directly on an "a" but if moon was made then changed to loon, then soon can it be changed back to moon even though that was a previously used word in the same stack. Big debate over this tonight!!
Bonnie says:

Joy - you are correct. As long as "year" is all first level, each letter gets 2 points. Then counting "brandy" with each letter tile getting 1 point each does make 3 total for "y." It's the same as plurals, though unlike "s," you could use the "y" alone if you couldn't make a word.
Joy says:

I have a question. If a word is on the board that has stacks more than 1 letter high like "brand" and you add a "y" to the end of it to make "brandy" and then spell out "year" using the "y" would you count 2 pts. each for the word "year" and then 1 pt. each for "brandy" since it has stacks higher than 1 level? Therefore, the "y" would be 3pts. Please answer if you can. It seems like the rules don't cover this particular situation.
Bonnie says:

Margie - Your husband was right. He actually changed one of the words - he didn't just add an s to brandy. I have a similar question. The rules say you can't just add an s to a word. But if the s is added and makes 2 words plural, is that OK? That's what my husband is hoping since that is how he won last night's game. :)
Margie DeLong says:

My husband and I argue about plurals. Last night he played rinds and the end s changed brandy to brands so he insisted on getting points for both words. I said he couldn't make plurals - in this case two of them. Who is right? margiedelong@hotmail.com
Klare says:

Hopefully someone responded to your question already. Yes, after playing your word or adding a letter, always top up the rack from the pile so that you have 7 tiles to use on your next turn.
Wendy Trail says:

Puzzled as to what to do with the rest of the tiles when only two play ? Do you top up to keep 7 letter tiles on your rack ?
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