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Monopoly Board Game Instructions

Average Price: $20.00
Playing Time: 90 min.
Ages: 8+
Players: 2 - 8

Monopoly HousesMonopoly has one of the longest and most successful board game history ever. It has made it's way to the most popular game in the world! This game was released during the height of the Great Depression by Mr. Monopoly himself. With it's appeal to become a "Monopoly Millionaire" owning all property, houses and hotels it quickly grew in popularity. Monopoly MoneyFinancial success by trading, buying properties and houses, taking chances with "Chance" and "Community Chest", and always a little luck from the dice are the key and strategy to this exciting board game.

Fun Monopoly Facts
Object of Monopoly:
By selling, buying, renting, negotiating property, and with a little luck from the dice, your goal is to become the wealthiest player on the board.

Contents of Monopoly:
Your Monopoly board game should consist of the board, 8 Monopoly tokens, 2 dice, 32 houses, 12 hotels, both Chance and Community Chest cards, property or deed cards, Monopoly play money, and the monopoly rules and instruction booklet.

Game Preparation:
A banker needs to be choose (who can still play the game) and will hand out the following denominations of money: 2 - $500 bills, 2 - $100 bills, 2 - $50 bills, 6 - $20 bills, 5 - $10 bills, 5 - $5 bills and 5 - $1 bills. This should be a total of $1500 per player given. All player will select a token and be placed on "GO." Chance and Community Chest Cards are to be placed face down in there allotted locations on the board. The banker will make all financial transactions throughout the game.

Game Play:
The official monopoly board game rules states that starting with the banker, each player takes turns tossing the dice. The highest rolling player begins and game play continues to his left. Rolling doubles results in another turn. Three doubles in a row will take you immediately to Jail. Each time a player passes "GO" he/she receives $200 from the banker.

Rules of buying property are if you land on an unowned space, the player may buy it at the shown price. If you do not want to buy the property, the banker holds an auction and the highest bidder wins. The deed is then given to it's owner. Rent is charged and collected by the owner to anyone who lands on that property as listed per deed. If all deed of the same color are owned, double is charged (with no houses or hotels). If property is mortgaged, no rent is collected nor double rent (if applies) can be charged. Houses can be purchased if a monopoly of same colored properties are owned by the same player. Houses must be built evenly on all 3 or 2 deeds and hotels can be bought after four houses have been built. One hotel takes the place of 4 houses. Deeds give instructions on house and hotel costs. Selling either of which after purchased will only result in half of what was given. Sorry, those are the rules! Unimproved properties may be mortgaged at any time to the bank. Paying mortgaged property back results in a 10% added interest on mortgage price.

When a player lands on a Chance or Community Chest space, the top card is taken, obeyed, and placed at the bottom of the pile. "Get out of Jail" cards can be kept or sold until used. Contrary to many "invented" rules or instructions, Free Parking is only a resting place where no money is awarded.

Jail rules are such that one must be sent there by a card, rolling 3 doubles or by landing on the "Go to Jail" space. Player cannot collect $200 and their turn ends. The Monopoly player has 2 options, roll dice to get out of jail with doubles or pay $50. If three turns go by and player is still in jail, he/she must pay $50 and is released playing the number rolled on the dice. While in jail, one can still buy/sell houses or hotels and collect rent.

When a player fails to be able to pay off debts to the bank or other players, he declares bankruptcy and is out of the game.

Monopoly Reviews, Comments, Questions

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Yusuf says:

If someone gets a double in monopoly then gets in jail is their turn over?
Juan Morales says:

hello I was wondering if anybody can help by send me the instructions for the monopoly here and now-> own america city. for some reason is not online yet.
Tamara Harris says:

I am looking for the instructions/rule book for the New York in a box game Can anyone help?
Lana says:

I love Monopoly so much
sup says:

I find monopoly as a fun game game that teaches kids about money and rent and best of all how to spend money wisely
wades says:

If you own a set of property and you land on one of your other properties can you buy houses put on the set of properties that you do have?
Yasmine says:

I am in love with this game I wish I am the one who created it
Mike T says:

So, when you are in jail and roll doubles to get you move the number on the dice, or do you have to roll again to determine the amount of spaces to move?

Monopoly is very nice game.we play this game for all the time.Usually I play monopoly with ma mum dad and brother,but now I play with ma cousin too.MONOPOLY IS SO MACH AMAZING GAME,IS THE BEST GAME ON THE ALL THE WORLD.We love so so so so much MONOPOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sylvia says:

I have been playing monopoly since I was a young teenager, my parents bought this game for us sisters and brothers, and then got the game for my 2 daus. Well now the game I bought for my dau's me and my oldest granddaughter which is 6 play it now she loves it, she says this will help her in school for math and ready. My granddau loves passing the Go and collect 200.00 she loves money. Love it
April Potts says:

I love the game but ever since I was a little girl. We made our own rules up. If you land on a orange property & want to buy that color then no other team me members can buy that color when they land on that color only you so that way the game only takes about less than 2 hrs to win plus we never let each other borrow money from the bank. I have only played it the real way a few times in life either way is a great game.!!! I lov e the game!!!
Pat Dean says:

We played Monopoly when our kids were growing up. Now we're retired and the kids are grown. The two of us play and when the kids are here they join us. Recently, we were playing with our 37 year old daughter and she texted our 27 year old lawyer son. He was unhappy because he wasn't here.
Philip says:

This is a TERIFFIC game.All my family played it 24/7!!!i will. NEVER forget about MONOPOLY!!!
Jane says:

This is a great family game,,,, teaching children they cannot always win! Also, how to use numbers and money.
Mary from SC. says:

I love this game!!! Me & my friend Tim would stay up for hours, playing it on X-Box. The X-Box game is soooo much fun. I'll never get tired of this game.
David says:

My wife, son, and I recently started playing again instead of watching tv. we had a good time but the game we have has everything but the instructions/rules. so we had to try to remember how to play and make up some rules of our own. i like that there are many themes for the game. not that i can afford to buy them all. happy gaming everyone!!
Kent M says:

I loved playing Monopoly back in the day - it's been a long time...I remember hearing that sometimes people could go on for all day or even "days" playing Monopoly. When I was young & 1st heard that idea I thought it was crazy, but later on I realized that that could be a pretty interesting experience, especially given the right circumstances & the right kind of people - definitely not boring, low-attention span types or people who don't like doing stuff in the 1st is fun for families, that's true, but also for 3-4 friends, in college, co-workers, etc. It can really be a interesting challenge. And what is this with taking the classic "Iron" token away and replacing it w/some banal piece after all these years??? Who said that would be good? I'd much rather find an old version of the game that had the old iron token (the one shaped like an iron). No reason to make meaningless changes now!
LeeAnn says:

This game tears families apart
BeNaRdO says:

This game is all right, but staying out of the topic. Why does everyone on this website spell wrong.
Kara H says:

Harry W says:

My family (Wife and 2 kids) has recently started to play Monopoly the New York City Edition on our family game night. My daughter, Leia, (now 12) was born in New York City. We enjoy teaching her about the different places. I was wondering if there are any specific rules for the special editions.
Chrissy says:

If Player 1 owns 3 railroads, but one is mortgaged, can Player 1 collect the $100 rent as if he owns 3 railroads?
jeff w says:

does anyone know exactly how many community chest and chance cards there are in a game also how many of each denomination the money comes
Neal C says:

Can you tell me what hapens if somone gats the chairman of the board card and can onle afford to pay part of the players what happend to assets
Sam says:

If a player has a "get out of jail free" card, does he have to use it in jail? This question came up when a player had two such cards, but wanted to stay in jail and safely collect rent. In the computer games, the card is used automatically without choice. The wording on the card is that "this card may be kept until needed or sold," and technically the card is needed when the card holder goes to jail. What's the official or house rule on this?
ramoundo khan says:

monopoly is very long but not boring you have to finesh it
Ginny says:

When you pick up a Chance card and it tells you to advance to a property, but does not state "if unowned you can you buy it, can you buy it??
Chasity says:

Making a monopoly game for my aunt for her birthday, she collects them. I cant wait to see her face when she opens this freakin amazing game.
Ryan says:

Best game ever and will always be!!!!!!!!!!!*breath*!!!!!!!!
hannah allen says:

my mum and my sister and my brother never have time to play vause ther are always workking so i am going play myself it is gonna be boring but i wish they would make a 1 player rules
Steveo says:

@Chris: It's not an official rule of Monopoly, but it is a very, very common house rule. It's called "rent immunity." Whenever my buddies and I get together for Monopoly, we always establish what house rules to follow, if any, just so we don't have any arguments later in the game. :)
kris says:

if three people are playing,and one person is poor,and diffent person give money to the poor person,and when the poor person land on the person who gave money to,and the person says no play(dont have to play)and those people team up and go for last person.Is that in rules?
SAvanah says:

I once played this game for hours and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristin B says:

I once played with my mother and the game went for weeks. We had to record where we were on the board, how much money we had, and what properties we owned. We played every night.
ella s says:

When I play it it makes me fill rich.It is a really good game and it is a good family game too!
Rachel says:

this game is awsome and i love to play it with my family! it is a little long but it is still a fun game. i personally have my own little strategy that i have gotten really good at! just simply cheat if you want to win!! lol just kidding!
Akisha Jones says:

I love the game it is excited entertaining oooo how I love it.......
static shock says:

this is my favorite strategy is buy property that costs alot so people that land on it pay more munny to you.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.ya dig dog!
Dawn M says:

i love this game. its long, but still awesome, i am always the ship lol....idk why
Ajon says:

I think they should've put more money in the game. Every time I play, I end up with majority of the money and there isn't anymore money available!
TJ says:

I am making my own game and have looked at the instructions for the game. Doing this fun but monopoly is still going to be the best game ever!!!
J says:

This game rocks when my cusins stays over we play it all the time before we go bed and when we get up.
Maria says:

Monopoly is the best.My favourite peice is the money bag.I always get the most money.
Matthew says:

Monopoly is very fun. My favorie piece to be is the car. I like to buy the cheapest property then I start buying the highest property.
Tim W. says:

Iíve been trying a new Monopoly strategy lately. When I get a monopoly and I have little money, Iíll mortgage everything I own. Iíll save one or two properties just for backup and Iíll buy as many houses as I can. Iíve found that it pays off better and you can get back out of debt faster than if you were to just buy slowly. It is a risk and needs to be done with caution but it has been winning me a lot of Monopoly games!
Andrew L. says:

Whenever I play Monopoly, I always buy every property I land on, even if I have to mortgage some of my properties (within reason). The more deeds I have, the better in my opinion. I also try my best to buy all the railroads and the orange properties. Great game; I love Monopoly!
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