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Beat the Parents Instructions / How To Play

Average Price: $20.00
Playing Time: 45 min.
Ages: 8+
Players: 2+

Beat the Parents will test your knowledge of the opposite generation with a series of funny trivia questions. Make your way across the game board trying to be first to pass the finish line. Parents will be asked an assortment of questions that the average kid could probably answer and adults may have forgotten. Kids are asked questions that they may not have even thought about yet. And, to make the board game Battle of the Sexes even more interesting there will be Wild Cards added into play that could send you crawling backwards or jumping on ahead.

Beat the Parents is a fun family board game where all ages can join in on the fun and add their knowledge of different age groups. Play Beat the Parents with your family today!

The first player or team to get both tokens across the board wins the game. Do your parents really know everything or do your kids call the shots?

Beat the Parents includes the game board, 55 parent wild cards, 55 question cards, 55 kids wild cards, 12 player tokens, and the official Beat the Parents game rules and instructions.

Game Rules:
Please keep in mind that the official Beat the Parents rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the origianl packaging on how to play Beat the Parents.

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Ssundee says:

The wild cards for the opposition on your own side are always back a space
Christian says:

What if you are forced to move back onto a space where one of your team's pieces are already there?
Alison Thomson says:

How do u know which way to move
Meko says:

Do you move row by row or you move vertically?
Karen says:

Do you have to ask the questions in chronological order?
Jocelyne says:

Our game doesn't have any wild cards is a normal?
Barbara says:

If a team gets both pieces across the board, but one of the opponents pieces still occupies its original start space. How do you win: move onto that space anyway?
Abbey says:

Thanks for the summary of the game, now I know if I would like to buy this game for family fun, :)
gavyn says:

thanks for for the rules lost them
Jaron says:

Thanks for the game rules - bought this at a yard sale and none where included. Now we know how to play.
linda says:

Cant play because there is no clear path to gollow
suzanne says:

We also are unsure how to move the pieces across the board, the arrows don't use all the spaces and there doesn't seem to be a path.
Kerin says:

I can't find this game in any stores? Help!
Katie says:

Very fun game, gets kids to work together, but we are a little confused as to how exactly to move across the board as there is no clear path to follow.
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