Sequence Board Game

How To Play Sequence

Sequence Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

2 - 12
Play Time
20 MIN
Sequence is a great combination of games that will have surely become a favorite for you and your family. Your goal in the game of Sequence is to get 5 chips in a row on the game board. Sequence can be played individually or as teams. Either way, Sequence is a great choice for the entire family and will have you plotting to figure out the best method to outsmart your opponents.

On their turn, a player has the option to either place a chip of their color on the board, or draw a card from the deck. If they choose to draw a card, they must then follow the instructions on the card. This could be either moving one of their chips already on the board, or placing a chip on the board. Once a player has created a sequence of five chips in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they win the game.

Make sure you have a backup plan just in case your opponent tries to trip you up. Sequence is a great family game that is quick-moving and enjoyable for everyone. Be sure to check out Sequence for an easy-to-learn, fun game. Play Sequence today.
The game Sequence should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

  • Sequence Will Have A Game Board
  • 50 Green Marker Chips
  • 35 Red Marker Chips
  • 50 Blue Marker Chips
  • 104 Sequence Cards
  • Official Sequence Board Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
For 2 players or 2 teams: One player or team must score two Sequence before their opponents.

For 3 players or 3 teams: One player or team must score one Sequence before their opponents.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Sequence rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Sequence. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the directions or anything you want about Sequence. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.



Human Question:
Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala: Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Battleship or Rummycube

Mona Donat says:

Can you play Sequence with 6 people and have 2 teams consisting of 3 people on each team ~ needing two sequence instead of 6 people divided by twos into 3 groups of 2 people on each team needing only 1 sequence?
Cheyenne says:

Can you call sequence if you fail to call it when it happened?
Chad says:

Why should I tell my opponent they won, if they not realize they have a sequence, or I achieve a winning sequence but then see the opponent also had a winning sequence. It seems your opponent needs to be aware of their of peices if Iyou have to use your peices to create a defense, rather than just use your peices for a win.
Betty says:

If you don't use the free corner and line your five spots in a row, you could stop an opponent and could continue that row to make a second sequence using your spent square? Good strategy? Not unfair it seems.
Joel says:

Can you make a double sequence And does it count as one or two?
George Price says:

What is the rule if you make a sequence but fail to call or recognize it in the game Sequence.
Jeff says:

Can't find any rules about a stalemate. Does it happen when the board fills? Do players simply pass if no valid play? Do players just keep drawing and playing (or passing) until somebody completes the required number of sequences? Every turn, players have multiple dead cards, but can turn in and draw again for only one per turn. Makes for a very long wait to get the right card to win (if ever).
Dale moore says:

Neither contestant saw a completed sequence until a few more plays happened. Ruling?
Billy says:

If the opposing team has a sequence but are not aware of it there or forget to call sequence and flip their chips, can they count it later on if the recognized it or do they lose it?
Linda Block says:

If your run consists of 6 in a sequence, can the opponent remove either end of that sequence
Kelly says:

What happens if a player/team makes a sequence but doesn't realize it?
Garrett says:

If you get more than 5 chips in a sequence, do you count all of them in a sequence or do you have to declare which 5 are the sequence?
Christian says:

Can you win sequence by having 5 in a row using the middle numbers and then add on both ends to create 10 total in a row? Basically, if I have an entire row with my color chips, do I win even if they are put down in anyway?
Kristine Marie says:

If you have a sequence on the board can you add 1 chip to either end and call it a second sequence counting from either end? Or does you have to add 4 more to make the second sequence?
Natalie Morgan says:

If a person has aligned with 5 vertical and add 4 more is that another sequence?
Jeanne says:

Can two sequences be made by crossing a vertical and diaphanous line?
bryan says:

If you overlook a sequence can you claim it next turn?
Kim says:

Use green and blue chips for two teams and red for when you have three teams
Josie says:

If you have all dead cards plus a wild jack in your hand, do you have to play the jack before drawing a replacement for a dead card?
David says:

If you have a sequence in the middle of the board and then you fill in from both ends.Would that count as two Sequence?
Brent says:

Can you play a 2 eyed jack as a one eye jack?
Chuck Wiseley says:

Anyone ever get an answer to "What happens when the board is full but no one has one or two sequences (depending on player count)?"
Arthur says:

What happens when the board is full but no one has two sequences?
John says:

What happens if a opponet has a sequence of 5 in riw but doesn't see it and didnt flip what happens
Fatima says:

If someone makes a sequence of 8, for instance they have 3 on one side and 4 on the other and they put their middle chip in, does that mean they have to decide right there and then which five chips they chose as their sequence?
J says:

If someone puts a chip down on there turn and takes it off then plays something else what happens
Scott says:

If both players have a sequence and the first player gets a second sequence, does the second player get to lay a card since player 1 got an extra turn? If so and they both get their second sequence, what happens?
Jane says:

We have a playing board where Kings are in the center. What are the rules for that version?
Albert says:

We are wondering if you can combine the last chip in a vertical sequence with four more in a straight line to make a second... Essentially using nine pieces in a line??? Rules don't really mention this.
Wendy says:

Question, my father in law tried to play a two eyed jack as a one eyed jack saying that if it's wild he can turn it into any card he wants. We didn't allow the move but could he have done that?
Jai says:

So I got 7 in a row. Does that count as 1 point or 3 points?
Lene says:

Dead cards- I have a pair of x's and only one place on the board avaible. Is it fair to say that I have a one dead card to be replaced?
Oliver says:

Re comment from Peter on October 6th. I respectfully disagree with your interpretation. The emphasis might just as well be on the 'any' as on the 'one'. I think that if whoever wrote the rules wanted to limit the use of only one space from your first Sequence as part of your second they would have written the word 'only' instead of the word 'all'. Just following the rules.
Todd says:

Rules question: If 2 players fill the entire board and neither has 2 sequences (particularly if 1 player has 1 sequence, while the other player has none) is the game considered a DRAW? I could not find the answer in the official rules included with the game.
Peter says:

Re Oliver's comment of September 11. The rules say any one of the spaces for another sequence......"One " being the operative word, eg the centre space on a vertical AND horizontal sequence, not any more spaces
Oliver says:

The Sequence game rules state that "you may use any one of the spaces from your first SEQUENCE as part of your second". I take this to mean that I can add a single chip to the end or beginning of an existing SEQUENCE to create a new SEQUENCE. Just following the rules.
Jade says:

Dolly, the rules say "You cannot remove a marker chip that is already part of a completed SEQUENCE". You can't remove their sequence.
Nat says:

A player turns in a dead card and pulls a replacement card that's also a dead card can the player pull another dead card.
Joanna says:

Is the Nordic version different from the, presumably, American version generally available? The reason I ask is that I learnt to play this game in Norway earlier this year, and I think the board layout may be slightly different. I loved it and want to buy a game for my sister, who also participated in the Norwegian games.
Cindy says:

What was the answer to cheryl's question? If your opponent accidently removes one of there chips with the one eye jack?
Dolly says:

If the opponent has a sequence and I got one eye Jack. I removed their sequence. Does that still count as their sequence ? Or all 5 chips must be presented at all times to have two sequences?
Vickie says:

Double sequence rule-When a player only sees one of the sequence and not the other only calls for one. Does that count 1 sequence or two
Graham says:

In the rules we are finding different ways of interpreting the play when one plays a one eyed jack. The rules quote "Once a Jack is played, it ends the turn.". Some of our players insist this means you don't pick up so from that point on you are one card short, others say that that the game continues in the usual fashion with the player picking up a new card from the kitty after playing the one eyed jack.
Marie says:

What is the answer to Jim's question -- "does a player have to announce that they have a sequence. If it was not claimed by the team with the sequence can the other team remove the chip with a wild card?"
Sara says:

If someone puts a wild card with 2 eyes and sets it on the place he was going to originally, but then quickly changes their mind and moves it somewhere else, does it count? Is that allowed?
Alina says:

If you have a Sequence in the middle of the Game Mat, and then you fill in both ends (two or more chips) so that your chips extend all the way across (10 chips), can you claim that as a second Sequence?
Jim says:

does a player have to announce that they have a sequence. If it was not claimed by the team with the sequence can the other team remove the chip with a wild card?
Pea says:

If you have a Sequence in the middle of the Game Mat, and then you fill in both ends (two or more chips) so that your chips extend all the way across (10 chips), can you claim that as a second Sequence?
Louise says:

Is there any way to play with 5 people? Could there be a one man team playing for both and if not why?
Kaylan says:

If at the bottom of the board, there are six chips of the same color in a row. How many are considered the "sequence," and can you add one to one new chip at one end of the sequence and two at the other end, can that be considered two sequences?
Mavis says:

If you overlook a sequence can you claim it next turn
cheryl says:

If a player does not notice that they have a double sequence with one chip during their play. And notice it after their opponents plays. Do you still consider it a double sequence or did they get two separate sequences?
cheryl says:

If a player uses the one eyed jack but accidentally removes their own chip. Is that considered a good play or do they continue playing and have the chance to remove their opponents chip?
Debbie Puchkori says:

If you already have a vertical sequence complete by using 5 squares towards middle leaving 2 squares open at top of column and three open squares at bottom , although they are at different ends of game mat, does this count as a second sequence
Ed says:

If you have a Sequence in the middle of the Game Mat, and then you fill in both ends (two or more chips) so that your chips extend all the way across (10 chips), can you claim that as a second Sequence?
Ed says:

Can you use more than one chip from an existing Sequence to create a second Sequence?
Buster says:

When playing with 4 people and one person alerts the other of a sequence they didn't see do they get to claim the sequence or is this considered table talk?
Vickie says:

I want to give the game as a gift to a family in Germany who do not speak English. Are there instructions in German?
Patti says:

If you already have a sequence, can you use one of the already used crown up chips to create another sequence?
Anne says:

Does the diagonal row have to be the same suit cards
diane says:

If you have four on the left and four on the right horizontally with a space between, if you put a chip in the center, do you have two sequences???
Tommy says:

If a sequence is formed by selecting a play that is between two,three,or four cards creating a sequence longer than five cards...can either cards on the end of the sequence available to be removed by playing a one-eyed jack? Or are all cards considered a part of the sequence thus ineligible to be removed?
Elizabeth says:

when one player turns in a dead card and the replacement is also a dead card, can the player continue getting more cards?
Joanne says:

A sequence of 5 is played including a free space. Same team plays another card extending the sequence to 6. Can 2 of the squares out of the six be used to create another sequence?
Carol says:

When playing Sequence with 4 people, if one person alerts his partner that there is a Sequence that neither of them saw, can they claim that Sequence? I would think that would be considered "table talk" and would not be admitted as another Sequence.
Bob says:

if you have a sequence in the middle of the outside edge of board,and then fill the rest of the outside spaces. Do you have two sequences?
judy says:

after a sequence is made using the free corner space, can opposing players use the same free space to make their sequence during that game?
Marlene says:

A player turns in a dead card and pulls a replacement card that's also a dead card, can that player pull another card again?
Joan says:

Why are there less red chips than green and blue ones?
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