Loot Game

How To Play Loot

Loot Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

2 - 8
Play Time
30 MIN
Loot is a fun pirate game where players attempt to capture the most lucrative merchant ships will competing with your fellow pirates. Who will trump who or which ships will simply be forgotten about?

Loot has some major strategy to it and is definitely not as easy as it may seem. The card game Loot is easy to play and learn how to play, but to become the Loot champion it will take some practice. Loot puts a twist on a what you would assume a typical card game would be. Try playing Loot today!

  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play / Smart Toy Award
  • Mensa Select
  • Parents' Choice Silver Honor
  • Major Fun Award
The game Loot should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

  • Your Game Of Loot Will Include 25 Merchant Ships
  • 48 Pirate Ships
  • 4 Captains
  • 1 Admiral And The Loot Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
The object of the game Loot is to be the pirate with the most loot (gold coins) when the deck is depleted and one player is out of cards.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Loot rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Loot. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

Share with us your comments, funny stories, tips, advice, strategies, creative ways to play, questions about how to play, problems with the directions or anything you want about Loot. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.



Human Question:
Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala: Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Battleship or Rummycube

Kate says:

All fun I love it 💘
Sarah says:

I am hooked on this game. The rules are easy once you figure it out. The tricky part is learning the correct strategy. Every game is different. It's pretty quick to play also.
Randy says:

Does anyone know of different versions of rules that you can play. Some games have a couple ways to play. Didn't know if this was one. I didn't see anything in the rules but wanted to see if anyone else plays different. I'd love to learn how to play.
Kyle says:

Played this at a party and was a little lost the first time around. They quickly explained the game rules and said it would make more sense after we played one round. Boy were they right. Much easier to learn how to play by watching it be played.
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