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Fraud Game

Fraud Game Rules

How To Play Fraud (Instructions)

2 - 6
Play Time
15 MIN


Get ready for this nail biting game of Fraud. Players are tasked with trying to be the first to deposit $1,000,000 into their bank accounts by whatever means they need to - even if that means depositing fraudulent money. You'll need to sneak under the radar of your opponents if you're using fraudulent money because if they call you out or challenge you you'll get hit with fines and penalties. If they call you out in error, you'll get rewarded.

Fraud is a simple yet challenging game of wits and memory. Based on what you have played, have in your hand and remember others playing, you can gain more confidence when accusing a fraudulent deposit. Game play rules are easy and quick to learn. Keeping track of the score/bank account totals requires a little math but aps or spreadsheets have been created and are available for free. Give Fraud a try today!

Board Game Capital's Review (2017-09-15):
Do you think you have what it takes to become a con artist and fraudulently make yourself a millionaire? Fraud is a fun card game based around that challenge. Players attempt to deposit the most money into their bank account even if that means using fraudulent money. After just one time through playing the game we were hooked. Somewhat similar to other games where you attempt to bluff to gain an advantage, Fraud uses money, penalties/fees and rewards that make things much more interesting.

The downside to this game is the math involved in adding up your running total in your bank account, keeping track of fines and penalties and adding in appropriate rewards from correctly catching a fraudulent deposit. Thankfully, the creators of the this game recognized this obstacle and have provided an app or even a spreadsheet to do all the math for you. We can't thank you enough for this! The app isn't the prettiest or most user friendly app but it does it's job and is fairly intuitive to use - this can be easily improved in the future.

Fraud CardsWhen we first opened the card tuck box, we realized there are no "special" cards to this deck (like wilds, special action cards, etc.). All cards are simple, plain and white with their dollar amounts designated in the corner. A red FRAUD appears in the middle on the fraud cards. That's it. Our first impression was "wow, there isn't much to this game - it's pretty plain." But, after playing it, we liked how clean and simple the cards were. However, there might be some slight card redesigns by the time this game is released. The game is made from quality materials and printing looked good.

There is some definite strategy and memory involved with this game (only if you want to increase your odds for an accurate accusation). You can try to keep track of what you have played, what you have in your hand and what others have played to help you know when others are bluffing. There are only six of each legitimate bank card. If you see an extra being used you know it's a fraud. Some players got really involved with keeping track of this while others just tried their luck and accused blindly. Both correct and incorrect accusations were fun to see get played out and had the power to sway the game dramatically very quickly.

Overall, this is a great card game that is simple, quick, easy to learn and a blast to play. Fraud will test your bluffing skills and gets everyone suspicious of everyone else. Do you play the Fraud card and increase your wealth with risks or do you pass and discard the chance to win?


  • You Get 56 Cards
  • Official Fraud Game Rules And Instructions


How to Win
The first player to reach $1,000,000 or any other predetermined amount is the winner.
How to Win


Please keep in mind that the official Fraud rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging.


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kevk says:

Looking for an easy 50k LIBEL Payment GUARANTEED? Before placing your genuine BANK deposit on the table be sure to twist one or both of the lower cards around in your hand, so it "looks" like you are playing a FRAUD card - works every time!!
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