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Of Knight And Ninjas Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

2 - 6
Play Time
30 MIN
Put on your armor and get ready for a wild and crazy battling medieval card game. Peasants, soldiers, knights, kings, castles, catapults, executioners and of coarse ninjas are just a few cards that can be played during this wild game for gems.

Of Knight And Ninjas is an excellent game of simple strategy mixed with some fun and crazy turns that can flop your plan on it's head. Game play is very lighthearted with fun and simple graphics. Great for a younger audience (10+), this game is easily played in about a half hour. Learn how to play below and read more about what we thought of this game. Grab your copy today.

Board Game Capital's Review:
Of Knight And Ninjas CardsAttack, attack and attack some more. Of Knights And Ninas is quite the attacking little card game. With no limit to how many cards you can stash away in your army, players have the option to relentlessly attack an opponent until they get what they want - gems. Be careful though, if you greedily use all your cards in your quest for gems, you'll be an easy target for your next opponent. What a brilliant basis of a card game. We were quite impressed by how much fun and strategy this can introduce.

Before we get too far we'd like to throw out one thing. When we received this game, we were very excited to see how simple the cards were designed and hoped that it was as simple as matching up cards based on the "attack", "respond" or "fortify" indicated on each card. We saw the value of some cards and understood that the higher the number the better chances there were of winning the battle. While this is true, there are A LOT of sub rules for each card. Like a lot a lot. So much so that you really have to study what each card does. While we could see how much fun this could make the game (and it succeeds), there is a very steep learning curve to know how to play each card.

With the above said, we wished there was some helpful hints on the card to help simplify the confusion of what each card could do. Perhaps using colors in the top bar on the card to color code things that match or are compatible or maybe a quick cheat sheet card to what attacks or protects what would be helpful. Something, anything would help. Some games have these written right on the cards. We like the cleanliness of the cards so a different way would be really nice. Just a thought.

Edit: When we spoke to BlueFoxGames about this, they said that they were including a quick reference in the game (and considering adding icons to cards to clarify).

Of Knight And Ninjas GemsThat aside, this card game is so addicting to play. Once you get down what does what, there are so many possibilities with so many unexpected twists and turns. A battle you thought you had, can quickly backfire and wipe you out. The fact that you can keep at it until gems move is a cool game mechanic. We loved the game play!

Lastly we'd like to praise the quality of Of Knight And Ninjas. Not the best we've seen but definitely not the worst. Plastic gems are nice, cards are clean and sturdy and the rule book is very professionally put together with lots of examples and images (we really like that). We didn't receive an official game box but from the images we've seen that will be of similarly high quality.

We loved the game, loved the graphics, loved the strategy and loved the possibilities. Games even finish in under 30 minutes. If you can get past that first learning curve then you'll really enjoy this game. Everything matches the theme so well but we found it funny that there was a ninja in such a medieval game. Gotta have something to keep things interesting.
The game Of Knight And Ninjas should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

  • You'll Receive 95 Playing Cards
  • 30 Gems
  • Official Of Knight And Ninjas Game Rules And Instructions
How to Win
The first player to own 10 gems wins.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Of Knight And Ninjas rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Of Knight And Ninjas. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

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