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How To Play Andromeda

Andromeda Game Rules (PDF Instructions)

3 - 5
Play Time
60 MIN
The Andromeda galaxy is your focus in the board game of Andromeda. Andromeda wants traders from Earth to help them and their economy, but too much help could be a bad thing - right? Only a limited number of people from Earth will be allowed near the Andromeda galaxy, but, once you're there the people of Andromeda encourage the competition between Earthlings in hopes that they'll get more money from you.

Want to do some trading to increase your chances on Andromeda? Beware, there is always someone watching you to make sure you're doing things right. These spies might try to eliminate you and your trading abilities if you take a wrong step. Andromeda is a great game and will inspire you and your opponents to compete for your place on Andromeda.
The game Andromeda should come with the following components. These are based off of the original game and don't include components from any expansion packs or different editions.

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How to Win
The game ends when all three economic centers have been established on three of the seven planets.
How to Win
Please keep in mind that the official Andromeda rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are some of the exact directions that came in the original packaging and will teach you how to play Andromeda. Download these original PDF game rules or print them for later use.

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